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  1. Did you use a dremel to cut rod?thanks
  2. Is the rubber butt cap part of the metal ring or is it just pushed up against and or slipped over and up against. Thinking about cutting butt down alittle.
  3. Where to take the actual reel stem measurements?
  4. It is not so much about distance more so for comfort and maneuverability.Someplaces I do not need a long cast and a shorter rod with shorter butt would be doable but then I jump to a spot the longer rod/butt is helpful.
  5. Figured I would ask a builder about this to get educated.Is there a general rule of thumb when either building or selecting a spinning rod off the shelf?Reason I ask is the 8 1/2 ‘ rod I got rated 1/2 to 1 1/2 I use primarily for inlet and some jetty fishing works but I find myself throwing lures under 3/4 ounce mostly.It works for occasional heavier things over an ounce.The butt seems alittle long at times.Probably buying another rod is a real answer but want to use this for multiple purposes.Not sure if it is worth trying to shorten if that’s possible or even necessary?I typically hold my left hand about 3-4 inches up from bottom when casting and wondering if I really need all of it except for balance purpose.
  6. Have a pair of the Castrax and some of the lugs the spikes screw in are starting and have pulled out,anyone know a hack to add spikes?Didnt know if the push thru ones would work at all on these somehow.Hate to throw them away.
  7. New yota


  8. I got a 3-8 ounce 11’ ODM DNA I am using as an all around rod but want something else to plug with and throw smaller lures with.Would a Penn Carnage lll 10’ 1-5 Med.Hvy power MF action suffice?Not sure if going to a 10’6” or 11’ foot is necessary?Not sure about reel size depending on rod?
  9. Would there be much of a difference in action in rods say a 3/4-3 ounce vs a 3/4 -4 ounce with a MF action on both in 10’ length. Am still looking into getting a new rod and figured the builders know the most even in production rods which is what I am looking into.
  10. Looking at Lamiglass Carbon Surf 10’ and it says on website about having stainless k frame guides but doesn’t say they are Fuji. Assume a cheaper imitation.?
  11. Turtle cove…J&H…I believe. E5373985-F060-497C-AE48-D9086B8473AB.webp
  12. Hope you don’t mind a pm…When I fished the canal last year I had gotten a new rod recommended by an experienced member on here for me to start with as an all around rod.It is on the high end of what I need.It is ODM DNA 11’ 3-8 ounce rod.Like the rod for jigging but I found myself throwing lighter/smaller lures due to fish size I had seen there and bait.Next smallest rod is 9’ St. Croix..too light for the canal.Hate to spend another $300 plus on a rod but may have to.Want to have a duel purpose rod for on the beach and canal so torn between getting something like a 1-5 ODM 11’ or 10’6” 3/4 to 4..TFO 2-6 is another option since it is a faster action.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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