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  1. Ok i’ll take it for 80 shipped.
  2. still available? interested
  3. I go to school in NJ. So little bit of a commute.
  4. What made you get the newer version? Were you looking for some other uses out of the moderate rod over the fast or just wanted to try it out?
  5. Anyone have any experience with these rods? I have been looking at them and considering getting one of the new moderate versions. Cannot find too much recent info on the rods, so was hoping I could come across it here.
  6. bump
  7. Thank you for the offer, but currently looking for something shorter.
  8. Looking to buy a 9’6 slingshot in good condition. Currently at Rutgers in NJ so preferably somewhere in state.
  9. No worries
  10. I am thinking i’ll max out at throwing 2.5 oz lures with my fishing style. I assume that changes some things.
  11. What color is that? Looks clean
  12. I throw a lot of sps, hydros, soft plastics, and metals. I want to start using larger/heavier lures but I am currently not able to due to only really using my weapon jr and other inshore set ups.
  13. Stradic 1000 is my go to and extremely enjoyable to fish with.
  14. Would also like to know name of shop if possible? and thanks for the information throughout the post
  15. What made you pick the stealth over the slingshot or weapon? The aspect of it being lighter in weight?