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  1. I’ll do 130 shipped if that’s good w you
  2. Where to
  3. Bump, $125
  4. If you lost a red tackle box please message me with what’s inside and where you think you lost it to confirm. Trying to help out
  5. My friend stole the belt
  6. Gonna close down. Thanks SOL and Kirona
  7. Brand new ZBelt 2 tube plug bag. Side tube and nibbler on this one. $150 picked up in 08901 or nearby
  8. Sounds good I will take those. I will pm
  9. Looking to try out some smack it poppers, preferably the bigger size.
  10. Ill take the first lot at $50 shipped man
  11. Yes strictly, it and a lot of these recommendations will leave you very happy
  12. Frontier X 3/4-4
  13. This thread is no longer needed, should have closed last year. Thanks tho guys
  14. No thanks, appreciate it tho
  15. I can do 260 pick the pair up tomorrow I’ll hold off, see if anyone else wants the BH