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  1. Interested in trading for a century weapon jr. rod by any chance?
  2. Hey man totally slipped my mind. Here is the belt, I am leaving for a few days tn so if you want to trade I can send td before.
  3. 2 back bay peanuts, white has been thrown 1 alans dart, thrown $60 shipped paypal
  4. Let me make sure I can find it and I will get back to you, if so let’s trade
  5. I may have a medium slim to trade if interested.
  6. ^
  7. 7 various sized bombers all new excluding the jointed. $50 shipped paypal
  8. I’ll do 130 shipped if that’s good w you
  9. Where to
  10. Bump, $125
  11. If you lost a red tackle box please message me with what’s inside and where you think you lost it to confirm. Trying to help out
  12. My friend stole the belt
  13. Gonna close down. Thanks SOL and Kirona
  14. Brand new ZBelt 2 tube plug bag. Side tube and nibbler on this one. $150 picked up in 08901 or nearby