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  1. Your reel with the blue braid, is this the Saltist? And what size is it?
  2. Hello, I am purchasing a 9ft rod for plugging and throwing lighter 1/2-2oz from the beach, and I am trying to decide which reel to pair up with it. I've been doing alot of reading, watching reviews, reading posts over last few days, and it seems like most are using a 4000-5000 size reel for their 9ft plugging rods. There is just so much information out there. My question is, is anyone using a long cast reels on their 9 footers? I havent come across much about using a long cast reel for plugging rods. Anyone using a long cast in a 9ft setup, or are these reels usually just for the longer 11-13ft rods? Any disadvantage to using a LC reel on an 8-9ft rod? What has your experience been? Or is it just better to get a 4000-5000 size reel and call it a wrap? If you do use a long cast reel on a 9ft, what size do you use? Thanks in advance, TL Joe
  3. The 9-foot rod I got has a fairly long handle. Not exactly sure how long it is. I was also looking at those three specific shimano's oh, but it's good to know that the ultegra might not be so forgiving if it gets splashed accidentally. I was just looking at that real in a local store about a half an hour ago. It seems to be a fairly popular real with a lot of salt and surf fisherman.
  4. Since I dont have a boat, and I would be using this 9ft rod for surf and possible occasional river fishing, I was thinking the long cast reels would just help me gain some distance without adding a couple extra feet of rod since I will be doing a decent amount of walking with the rod. Basically trying to put together a rod and reel setup that is light and enjoyable to throw some baits. Having a reel that will stand up to the elements is also important. I am new to this type of fishing, and I am trying to learn as much as possible, so please do tell what other criteria is important to you when it comes to your beach reels. Maybe there are some things I have not thought about yet, that I should be considering.
  5. I just got a 9ft Tica Dolphin, and that is the rod I am trying to find a reel for. I seen that Conflict II Long Cast reel, I was trying to spend a little less for this reel. When I looked the other day, the Conflict II in the 4000/5000, was about $220+. Do you have other reels you like on your 9ft rods?
  6. Bueller....Bueller... Kinda surprised, not one response. Most of the topics I've read, it seems most are very helpful.
  7. Phil, Did you go with the 9ft Medium or the 9ft MH? I see the Medium is rated 1/2-3oz, and the MH is rated 2-6oz. NEVERMIND PHIL- JUST REALIZED i WAS LOOKING AT THE SPECS FOR THE 9FT TICA DOLPHIN
  8. Thanks for the feedback! I bought an 8ft Tica ( the 9ft was sold out everywhere), but I am going to return it. I figure d ID be better off with a 9ft since I would be fishing from the land and want to be able to get good distance with plugs like the SP/Hydro Minnows, walking baits, poppers, etc, in that 1 to 2oz range. I looked around quite a bit the other day, and I think the 9ft of this model was sold out everywhere also. I guess I will keep looking and see if I can find it. I Think found one site on friday that had it, but they want like $150 for it.
  9. Hey Chris, I was actually just about to purchase the 8'6" Medium model of the Trophy II until I seen your post. Now I am debating the 9' HM. I would probably be throwing SP Minnows, Hydro minnows, Spooks, Mag Darters, X-Raps, lures in the 3/4oz to 1 1/2-3/4oz range, maybe some light bucktails, swim shads, etc...They say the 8'6" model has more of a deeper bend in it, and the handle length on the 8'6 is around 13inches. Do you think going with the 9 MH is a better idea? Or maybe I am overthinking it. My main concern is that the 8'6 feeling underpowered or if I want to throw something a little heavier would the casts be sloppy. or do I just opt for the 9ft MH. I would be using it off the beach and sometimes in the river for Stripers.