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  1. for the 8" and 9" Sluggos, which type of single hook do you prefer?
  2. Great info. If you store. Zman plastics in a bait binder pouch (not in the original Zman package), do the baits distort or damage the clear plastic pouches?
  3. Yeah, I like alot of Zman plastics. Wish they were all made of elzatech
  4. The blue one with the velcro? I almost ordered that. Comes with 6 pouches I think. I wonder if you can get additional pouches for it.
  5. Are these the 1/4oz Got-Cha jigheads?
  6. That's pretty much what I do now. Think its the half size 3701 or 3702 plano.
  7. I actually have the 3x5x7in one, that I used to store some trout baits since it is water tight. I wonder if it has a spot fir a clip on it. I also stay mostly on the sand.
  8. Nice. What is that? Some sort of thermos?
  9. Maybe attach it to the back of a clear Demon Dragon, which is basically a clear Spook with no hooks on it.
  10. The trout eye jigs have a big enough hook for the Streakz? I can see the striper eye jigs fitting. Is your casting distance thwarted by throwing this double-streakz rig?
  11. Is it me, or is the tail on the newer one completely different?
  12. How do you store your soft plastics in your bag or on your belt, for when you are fishing from the beach? And do you have a way you store them in your vehicle, or do you just toss them in a 3600 or 3700 size box? I'm In the process of organizing and getting gear together, and I'm trying to come up with a way that prevents the soft plastic sand eels, swimbaits, etc...from getting bunched up and distorted. I've seen creative guys on here come up with various ways to store gear and plugs, so I'm curious to see what some of you came up with for storing all your Hogys, Sluggos, Al Gags, Ronz, swim shads, etc...
  13. Im currently organizing all my soft plastics options like you mention.....swim shads/swimbaits/sand eel plastics/etc....and I'm trying to figure out a way to carry them for easy access without just throwing in a bag or box and distorting their shape.
  14. I think I might have similar heads like that I can try. Do you have a method you like to store your soft plastics while on and off the sand? I have some swimbaits/swim shads/sand eel plastics, that I'm trying to figure out a method to carry them and store them without them getting all messed up.