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  1. I got to admit, I can be a bit slow at times, or so says my wife, but I am confused on this one.
  2. Going to Bermuda on Saturday for a few days with wife and 3 kids. Weather is a bit iffy later in week for the beach and just wondering if anyone has any experience with or knows of a "open" "head" type fishing boat. Just looking for someting different to do for a few hours. Saw on internet the usually serious fishing charters at 1000 or so bucks. Not looking to spend that kind of money.
  3. was out front fluking North Monmouth county. Nothing. A few short hits but no hook ups. No one else fishing.
  4. that is a lot of sushi. 4 of july gonna be nice at your house. Fishing report: went with daughter to "our" summer beach in Monmouth County. Access is free if your willing to hoof it two or three blocks. Lot of sand lost, at least half if not 60 percent. Fishing was decent for a change, a few short fluke in the surf and a sea bass of all things. T-storms were acoming so I beat feet out of there.
  5. as i am getting closer to 60 then 50 I admit jumping up from one roof to the second story roof of my dormer-ed cape is getting to be a bit more exciting then I care for. I have used a long stick with a bend at the end to flip out leaves and stuff, then a hose to wash what i cant get down the downspout. The stick thing is no issue but to get the right angle on hose into gutter I am only a couple of feet from edge. This past spring just might be last time as the ground looked a long way away. I spent college working summers and days off, working on highrise buildings in Manhattan, never bothered me to be on a couple of 2x6 building frames for concrete pours 30 or 300 feet in the air, now 20 feet looks like a long way down. Im probably just gonna start paying ned stevens of some other insured/licensed company. 100 or 200 is a lot cheaper then falling.
  6. Bonito? saw one being fillet out over at atlantic highlands ramp while taking a walk with the wife. Guy was way out he said, no where near any beach. Good catch
  7. been out doing a bit of fluking, not much in the way of catching. was completly empty on a popular beach this evening both the two legged types and the fish gill types
  8. Filled it out. The bonus tag is from what I remember a hold over for jersey as we have no commercial fishery for stripers. It allows jersey fisherman to "fill" the commercial quota. Personally I would just prefer 1 fish at 22-28 inches. The bonus would allow someone to take a trophy fish which I personally said was 50 inches or more. Personally I like to keep 1 striper a year, sometimes two. They taste great and make great fish cakes. I am good with circle hooks. They work just fine for those odd days when i dont fly fish. We will see what happens.
  9. Congrats. Best 30 plus year career I could have ever asked for has been in LE. Always remember you work for the public no matter how bad the public can get. Stay safe.
  10. Kid did the right thing. Young kids and cars, stuff happens.
  11. For what it is worth I have been dealing with Prostate issues for 6 years now. I have local (jersey) urologist and I also go to NIH in Maryland for advance MRI and biopsys. Had 4 of them, and your awake for them. Not as bad as that sounds. So far all good even with a PSA that goes over 10 at times. Digital exam also done. I joined the local chapter of this here in Monmouth county. I highly recommend attending a few meetings and getting to know the likely best approach for your prostate (surgery/radiation/watchful waiting). Good luck with surgery
  12. Keeps my lawn looking decent
  13. Got 5 kids, been through this 3 times, got two more to go. As i tell my kids this is a business deal not fantasy. Its cool to see the acceptance letters come in, along with the rejection ones. The important letter comes in March when you get what the actually cost is. 1000 dollar scholarship to Penn St or JMU is not gonna cut it when jersey schools offer more.
  14. Seabright had a bunch of feral cats by the public beach. Sandy took care of that. Along with the cats in West End by the painted flag rock
  15. Good luck. I do love crabs, softshells being a particular treat of mine.