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  1. Fish/ it will be gone , probably in less than a year. The sand for reasons I dont know , washes away very fast from that jetty up to big Monmouth. Very odd area
  2. Tying- wait till you start building a rod, oh boy, then you know its beyond just an obsession.
  3. Hathead- there is very little I could add to the excellent advise already given, eye glasses, take a casting lesson, practice the cast etc. I am not personally a big fan of stripping baskets but they have their place on open NJ beaches. CT rivers, such as the Housy I found a basket more trouble then worth but thats me. Since you have spin fish you already know where and when to fish. 8wgt is fine, float line and a second spool with Intermitted line, a box of different types of flys, and then just go and fish. There is no substitute for learning other then actually being on the water fishing. Maybe the first time you go you catch or maybe its the 10th time, but with time on the water you will eventually hook up and if you end up like me, your spin rods collect dust in basement till your sons get old enough to fish and start using them. Next chore is to get them to use a fly rod on salt water. Good luck.
  4. Little Monmouth- the mothers of small children will be unhappy with the jetty now buried- was a good place for small children to play in sand/water.
  5. Sudsy- you turned finding plugs and whatnots into a real profession- makes me finding a plug up along the drift line a rank amateur- I do remember the days of walking the little spit of sand in front of sea bright wall at dead low, all sorts of junk in the wall
  6. I dont know much about round valley, but its been raining like a son of a gun this winter. How is it not filled?
  7. I fly fish but often find plugs, have created a decent collection over the years- at least my sons use them ever now and again
  8. Have no reports but with yesterday being nice took a beach walk for the fresh air and to hunt for plugs- found none but beach replacement is underway at little Monmouth- looks like the heading north form there and how far I don’t know. Sandy hook line? IMG_1277.mov
  9. If you like pod casts, there was a whole talk on the Orvis one about the 17 and 13 year cicadas "hatching" this year and how to fly fish them for trout/smallmouth. Was pretty interesting.
  10. I’ll pass on 250 just for the rod- thank you
  11. Well, not looking to insult and do not actually need the reel but I ll offer 250-
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