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  1. For what it is worth I have been dealing with Prostate issues for 6 years now. I have local (jersey) urologist and I also go to NIH in Maryland for advance MRI and biopsys. Had 4 of them, and your awake for them. Not as bad as that sounds. So far all good even with a PSA that goes over 10 at times. Digital exam also done. I joined the local chapter of this here in Monmouth county. I highly recommend attending a few meetings and getting to know the likely best approach for your prostate (surgery/radiation/watchful waiting). Good luck with surgery
  2. Keeps my lawn looking decent
  3. Got 5 kids, been through this 3 times, got two more to go. As i tell my kids this is a business deal not fantasy. Its cool to see the acceptance letters come in, along with the rejection ones. The important letter comes in March when you get what the actually cost is. 1000 dollar scholarship to Penn St or JMU is not gonna cut it when jersey schools offer more.
  4. Seabright had a bunch of feral cats by the public beach. Sandy took care of that. Along with the cats in West End by the painted flag rock
  5. Good luck. I do love crabs, softshells being a particular treat of mine.
  6. Sad, but not all that surprising. Cost money to maintain, insurance and hardly used as fewer and fewer Catholics go to church anymore or believe in the church. Add in the need, and legitimate need to attempt to make restitution to the victims of clergy/church abuse over the past 30-40 years and its not surprising its being sold.
  7. I have been in that crawl and have seen what looks like fish busting. I never pulled over though. 1:35 to 1:45, actually not all that worse then my 1:30 usually to Hoboken.
  8. My In-laws lived in Shelton Ct. Went once a month for 25 years to see them. I miss them, fly fishing the Housy, Farmington and pond brook.Other small rivers that I uncovered and were fun. Caught a lot of trout through the years from those rivers. Pepe's pizza is another big miss. I dont miss RT 95, the Merritt, and the 2.5 hour drive. The have passed on but I do have fond memories of CT. My wife has one Aunt left in Bridgeport, pushing 92 and still going strong. She goes about every 6 weeks to say hello, I go a couple of times a year. Not much to do in Bridgeport with a 92 year old but a couple times a year she needs some maintenance done on house and she will spring for the pizza at pepe's. Not a bad deal.
  9. You can hunt off the rockaways? About once every two weeks i have to go to JFK from jersey shore. See lots of Brant, some buffie heads, occasionally some broad bills. My sons shoot Brant, I can't be bothered anymore, just not the greatest tasting thing going. Might take one a year. I ll sit and wait for black ducks. Much better tasting. Long Island to Jersey every day? God bless you, Id lose my mind, plus what has to be about 25 bucks a day on tolls, that is rough.
  10. I was surprised driving by the fort to see such a die off. Didnt even think that much bunker was in the water this early in year.
  11. Had a 91 Suburban. Loved that sucker. Sold it 5 years ago when 3rd kid got DL. No one else could drive the beast. Miss it. Great fishing/duck hunting vehicle. Good luck with it.
  12. Interesting. If they fit over wader boots I can see them being used. In summer one could feel clams on bottom of bare feet.
  13. Some cool boards. I got mid 1980's peter poe surfers union 8 foot fun board. Last summer in Long Branch it teared along the bottom on some wave. Bummed me out immensely. I did a half ass repair job on it, to make it water tight. Would love finding some old log to try.
  14. not all that hard. a pair of waders, rake, wait for the lower tide, go to the exposed sand/mud etc banks. Rake. Go home and eat. Steamer clams are missing this year. Something killed them.
  15. new poster for the #metoo movement