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  1. happy to see Fish and Game around
  2. They don't but good eating tonight Spig
  3. was out at before and after day break in N/MC- not much going on- a couple of shad-you know its not fall fishing yet when young ladies arrive in bikini's and take a swim.
  4. Your welcome- your among fellow striper fisherman friends- update your article as you see fit and post up- would be interesting to get the perspective of someone starting out.
  5. I will give you credit- at 13 the last thing I would have been thinking about is writing an article-Fishing sure, writing about it, well fogetaboutit- anyway interesting stuff and since its based on your fishing experience excellent job- I would suggest as you get older and get the chance to fish different waters you could break down the shore/surf into lets say something like the beach front in Westerly or Narragansett compared to fishing a inland pond or saltwater river and how tide/moon day/night etc helps/hurts or effects things. You could even break down the boat to off shore boats to kayaks. Take a seining net and collect some samples of bait, what type, how much of each, how big etc, water temp- I second doing a log, even its a brief one that you may only understand, ie fished Pt Judith, 10-15-21- out going, at dawn-wind north-water clear-waves small-type bait seen-moon phase-fished caught/not caught rough size of them-spin rod with bunker shad or fly rod with clouser or bait rod with clams- takes only a few minutes to type up and by time your a HS senior you may have a science project already done- good luck- enjoy fishing, its better then tick tok, instagram and all that nonsense- as for me when i run into peanut bunker with my fly rod, its game on. Take care- keep em wet
  6. Yea- wife wanted to try a new place for dinner in the area of The bay- the dinner was good, the company even better and she entertained my request to just “look at bay”. That was of course after eating.
  7. Raritan Bay is more like the ocean then a bay- heavy NE wind. Going be muddy for a while after- good news is that some new holes/cuts should get opened up on the front side.
  8. Oso, Familiar with the place- is a nice beach but I stay closer to home in North Monmouth County
  9. was out sunday- son prefers the sweet water over salt- was in the 3 bridge area- water was high, a bit cloudy but very fishable- 5wgt fly rods- a mix of pan fish, some small smallies and a odd white bass. enjoy that part of jersey.
  10. glad to see fish still north of jersey- gives hope for rest of October/November.
  11. Ill respect them and also fear them.
  12. well, one better then none-
  13. me and son are in, its a why not- wont be doing much anything else.
  14. dawn patrol at a N/MC beach before work- High tide and nothing-Rumors of Blues and albies miles south of where I was- such is fishing, sometimes your the bug and sometimes the windshield.
  15. never even heard of it