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  1. maybe they could make themselves usefull and keep my subaru going?
  2. Off the beach, was not looking or targeting them, just happen to be putting time on the beach looking for stripers. got them from tip of hook to belmar jetty.
  3. I am hardly a softy and know the place from work experience. heat and hot water in the winter is hardly a big thing to provide.
  4. Easiest year ever for albies. Fun enough on a fly rod.
  5. message sent. Since i also surf this hits home, although Hatahway hasnt been the same since the new beach has been put in.
  6. Thanks all. Buck I sent you a PM.
  7. That was a brutal non call. I did not care who won, but man ray Charles saw that.
  8. thats what she said.
  9. Riddler that kayak just may be the answer. I can fit my 9.6 surf board in van with out issue. I think I could angle 10 foot kayak in. I will check it out. Fish and yak. Season ends next Saturday but next year will be here soon enough again. Tukerton is just about ground zero for a lot of duck hunting some 10 minutes away and some very out the way places less then an hour. Feel free to ask and then scout spots yourself. I like fishing, I love duck hunting.
  10. Also I am only 5 08 and 150, leg inseam about 30
  11. 8-9 foot as that will easily fit in back of minivan. No need for 100 plus decoys although I have put as many as 40-45 out on, some on gang lines, some individual. I drag them in a sled across marsh grass. With all the lead needed to keep them from ending up in Portugal, shotgun, shells, fishing pole as the retriever, extra cloths etc that gets to be a heavy slog over a mile. I am no longer a young pup and I am feeling those slogs. I dont mind walking 3-4-5 mile jump shooting walks with my sons or by myself, and my sons now do pull sled but I am thinking a kayak will open up some new places. I have usually done just as well with 6-8 decoys as with 40 and picked up this year some smaller sized diver ones. I bring 6 of these, a couple of regular black ducks and one big buffie head, stuff/hang on a back back and it works. I figure a 8-9 foot kayak can handle that, a shotgun, life vest and dry bag of extra clothing for a a "just in case" moment. Plus smaller is lighter. Fish n yak feel free to PM. Like fishing, duck secrets are not for public posting. To be honest, the only secret is scouting but I am happy to share what I have learned in past 15 or so years.
  12. Thanks. The Nu Canoes do look pretty cool. The sitting on top, instead of kneeling inside, in the cold water of December/January has me a bit worried. I like getting center of gravity as low as possible.
  13. Been thinking of getting a 8-9 foot kayak for duck hunting in Naviskink/Shrewsbury and down along the back creeks in Great Bay down in Tuckerton. Might even use it in pine barrons rivers ( mullica/bastso etc.) I know very little of Kayaks, I have used a canoe in Navisink and pine barrons. With a gentle wind and sheltered by the lower islands it was fine, but I think a kayak would possibly be a lot more stable. I am not worried about how fast the thing goes, I just dont want anything tippy. any thoughts?
  14. THAT, is funny. I prefer quahogs, but when my son gets steamers I always have few.
  15. I moved from the City to JS labor day weekend 1992. When I saw the wall/jetties of Sea Bright and Monmouth Beach it was like fish heaven. I had never heard of these towns before I moved this way, when I striper fished it was at my parents house in LBI or the east river NYC. Anyway I spent that fall hitting the SB jetties and back side of Sandy Hook. It was before I learned to fly fish so it was a bait or plug deal. Fishing was fantastic. Could hardly go without catching that fall. Find peanut bunker, find fish. Back side of SH was even better then SB. Beach replenishment did seriously hurt the ocean fishing but back area was still great and I learned Rairitan Bay areas. Now the back areas do not hold as many fish and hardly any blue fish. Ocean front in SB is almost dead. I don't see peanuts like I used to. Its not all the beach replenishments fault, it contributes, but fish numbers along the shoreline are just down.