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  1. Seizing boat/car etc seems like a money loser for the state. The property would need to stored someplace and storage fees add up. Property rarely is worth the effort like that. Higher fines would take the profit out of the poaching. By third time you are caught fines up to 10,000 should be in the running.
  2. No problem. Slow sink is better for most conditions. Yesterday was perfect for floating line and clouser
  3. Intermediate line? Clouser? Great job in the cold! It was low tide or at least near it, used a floating line. Used a yellow over black Clouser which was fairly long, about 6 inches. Striper hit tail on first try, so i ended up tossing it in the area 3 more times before he hit whole thing. Barely had him hooked, surprised I landed it. It was cold, but not brutal, kind of expected a better hour of 12-16 inch rats, given conditions. Fat lady is calling.
  4. was out front MC, with 8 weight late in afternoon. Conditions perfect other then it got cold on the hands. For the effort a single 26 incher that fought like a boot. Better then nothing.
  5. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Seems like another paving, but its for the Childreeeen
  6. went out front MC. Nice waves for surfers, only one dude enjoying it. No fish for the effort
  7. Thats the way it should be.
  8. I wouldn't bet a lot of money they all have clams, might be some hotdogs in that mix.
  9. Agree, leave the worms, take the cannoli
  10. Brutal, just brutal. Been fishing Monmouth County since 1992. Know the beaches from Deal to tip of Hook. Know the back side of the hook. Know various places in Raritain Bay. Know the Navisink and Shrewbury river. Fished other places that most drive over never thinking stripers lurk at certain times. Hardly a fish all fall. A pick every now and again. Today no better. 4 other people fishing a well know area on a nice November saturday. None of them hooking up. Cant blame people who have long drives in not bothering. I have a easy 5 to 15 minute trip to all of the above and even I cant wait till duck season opens again Thrusday. Fishing is dead off the beach.
  11. Used to be after a blow like we just had, surf clams would litter the surf line. Spent the afternoon fly fishing a beach that rhymes with eels and did not see a single surf clam. Mussels all torn up in the wash, yea, clams nada. Stripers were nada also. Clams are a important food source and now appear to be all gone. Any ideas on why?
  12. Internet security? security against what? virus? malware? hacking? your ISP knowing what websites you visit? anyway all a VPN does is give you a different I.P. address then the one your I.S.P. assigns for you. since it creates another hop to go through you may lose a bit of speed but unless your doing some heavy streaming should not be all that big of deal.
  13. Man that was some summer of acts in Asbury. Id go see almost all those acts. Two shows a night. Wish summer stage had a summer like that now.
  14. made the walk to the tip. My usually Veteran day trip north. Thank you to all the Vets. As far as fishing goes. Saw nothing bay side that made me want to stop. Been years since I have seen bunker in the bay in November, peanuts or the big boys. At the top, only fish I saw were some shad. Bait was around. Fished my way back to lot. Nothing. Hit a few other places south, nothing. At least i raked the leaves.
  15. Opening day coastal duck season has become a tradition for me and my 3 sons and brother in-law to go to my moms house on LBI and hunt saturday. I always bring a rod to soak some clams on friday afternoon and usually Saturday afternoon when we r done hunting. Friday went to end of LBI south and was pelted with rain/sand and a hard east wind but fishable water. Nothing but crabs biting clam. Saturday hard west wind, fun looking surfing waves and nothing but crabs. Kudos to those who were fishing around 9 pm Saturday night near Maryland ave, God it was cold and I beat a hastly retreat back to house. Sunday morning looked perfect but not a fish to be seen. Didn't even see anything that look like bait.