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  1. Looks cool-
  2. My wife is a school nurse- the flu has been hitting hard this year, some poor kids getting hit with both flu and covid. Keep em home so it does not spread.
  3. I hope he survived- that looks crazy
  4. Had no time to make the drive, friends did and enjoyed themselves- I poked around some of my local area's once done with house work- saw nothing, caught nothing.
  5. I love reading these types of posts- makes me feel like the true amateur at fly fishing I am, be it salt water for stripers/blues or fresh water for trout/smallmouths or when I run into them, my favorite carp. 90 percent of my fishing is done in Jersey. As a avoid amateur I will toss in my 2 cents. I would say 60 feet standing on the beach, dealing with waves, wind, different weight rods, floating or intermediate lines, big bunker flys or poppers is about the best I can do, cast after cast, never mind also dealing with spin guys on my right/left and this past fall standing behind me tossing plugs over the top of my head with me looking back and saying I need to be able to cast backward where you are standing could you move? The fish will be moving to the left or the right so no need to be standing right behind me. I can throw further in backyard, generally 80 foot depending on fly being used, without a lot of effort, but in the real world of fishing off the shore in Jersey 60 is about the best I got, cast after cast- I have managed to hook up with other fly fisherman this year and its been enjoyable fishing with them as they have thoughts and ideas on fishing/casting/flys etc that give us the best opportunity to catch fish but even though they are superior casters, the distance difference is minimal. They do seem to do it with less effort and I know that by this time ever year, my right elbow is barking from the repetitive motion of casting. As far as freshwater, there is no river in Jersey other then the Delaware where a long 80/90 foot cast is going to get you anything. I think taking the time to move into the correct position, without disturbing the water and keeping casts at the 20-40 range seems to work a whole lot better and if fishing nymphs almost no casting works better. In the end I spend a lot of time learning the beaches and local salt water rivers I fish- where the sand bars are, how the jetties/groins move current, where in the rivers, hard sand meets soft sand/mud and how that then drops off into deeper water, through all the tide and moon phases, some places just fish better on different tides, incoming/outgoing and some holes hold fish for different portion of tides then others. If i could toss a fly 90 or even 80 feet as easily as I can the 60 feet I would admit that would open up more water to cover/explore. I fish because I enjoy being outside, i enjoy the smell of the ocean, the flow of a river and what nature will surprise me with by being a part of it, being with friends and the enjoyment of a nice fish caught, landed, released and talked about later, being with my sons and debating should we fish here? or there? can we wade the river up to that area? or go downstream and finding new places. All of this is my mental break holiday from real life and the competition of real life and I completely understand others who want to push the limits of their abilities to cast and to learn how to cast for the shear enjoyment of taking on that learning curve and achieving it. I completely respect that. Its not for me as when I am standing on a beach or a river waving a stick I am looking to be detached for a few hours from being an adult and enjoying just being a kid again without any worries or concerns.
  6. Fun afternoon- so much bait fish had trouble picking my fly from all the bait- friends with fly rods did better, around 4 pm we moved to a different spot and it was stupid fishing for a solid 30 minutes- not big fish, most 22-25 but Damm fun on fly rod- been a wild 5 weeks-
  7. Damm, BeachBob is it really that easy? I have looked on youtube on building a rod and I know I am not going to spend the money to buy all the equipment to build one, but some cheap homemade hack to build a rod, I might give it a go once duck season is over in January- I am not huge on Aesthetics if the rod works and is only for me to bang around with.
  8. Never been checked- never had my freshwater checked also- clam license checked about 3 times a year, duck hunting license stamps etc, about once every 2 years.
  9. Trolls on a fishing board? Damm that’s pathetic-
  10. Not being a wise guy - I rarely fish the manasquan but I am sure people have spent years, maybe decades learning that river, tides water temp, time of year, access point and on and on- I’ve done it for places I fish often- those secrets are not going to be posted on a public board
  11. Not for nuthing, toss your fly, jig, plug or bait and see what happens.
  12. I saw very little bunker this past April, but, the fishing was amazing until second week of may when it dropped of the map- October sucked, at least for me- November has been amazing. My right elbow is shot from fly rod casting but advil is amazing
  13. Had some house hold chores to take care of this morning. Had fished from 5 am to 7am without site seen- Chores done a bit afternoon and ended up on a sandbar with the closest person to me being in two boats. Had a fun 20 minutes sight casting with the fly rod to bass moving in skinny water all to myself on bar- Eventually others saw the action and made the trek. Still picked up fish for awhile after that but eventually ended and I needed to get off bar as tide was now coming in. Lot a walking but damm fun while it lasted. Twice in past week I was sight casting for bass, utterly amazing.
  14. Had to work till noon- knew fish were around- made my way to local N/MC beach- saw a crowd of spin guys on 1 sand bar and to the south saw 1 fly guy on a different sand bar- went to that bar and was sight casting with my fly rod to stripers- a first for me in Jersey- had a ball- not big fish but was fun to pick a target and cast to it. Eventually tide ended the fun- Meet fly friends further south of me who enjoyed similar fishing- we waited out return of tide and had similar results, less fish but bigger ones. Eventually we separated to go back to cars in different spots. I walked into another bliz with hardly anyone around- called it quits at 430 as my elbow was and is shot from the day and the past few weeks. Icing it down tonight. Fun day, fish had, enjoy Thanksgiving- Been a remarkable November.
  15. Sorry- I thought you meant stadium- yes I could see snow on roofs being an issue, particularly if it warms up and then turns back to ice- need a snow rake to knock some of it down-