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  1. Where or on what channel?
  2. That very small creek bed and that very soft mud up on the north east side of the “pond”, were fun to fish. The mud not so much to walk on. with the changeS I saw yesterday kind of makes me want to explore it more.
  3. Have a favorite spot to fly fish on back side of the hook. Caught my first striper on a fly rod there and have been fishing area for 25 or so years, and through those years access to the area has been bit by bit closed off. First one could no longer use the boardwalk to access a trail,as that trailed was closed. There was some good fishing in that area as well as some huge holly trees. Then access was eliminated to walk across main road. Some signs about wildlife habitat or management although only wildlife I encountered were the rats and Ferrel cats but the Rules are the rules so onto a third plan. A decent walk along the sand out to the point area and walk around the outflow. Through the years, the sand changed, the beach got smaller, trees fell into the water but given a decent tide the fishing could be good. This time of year usually blues can be had so I went this evening for first time this year. The amount of erosion of the sand/beach spit, the flattening of the area, the almost complete loss of the grass was amazing to me. I have no idea if the old sea wall of rocks that were usually coverage till low tide made them visible are still avialble to stand on and drift a fly up and out on the falling tide or how deep the water at the tip is. Used to be able to walk across to the other side at low tide. Saw what looked like huge rips a few hundred yards to the west and with the hard blowing north wind against the outgoing tide water looked rough out there. A few more years of this and the whole area will be different with bay waves able to start making it to the far side of the cove. I guess the whole point of this is that I am getting old and can actually in my lifetime witness changes between the sand and the bay.
  4. Bill, Id like to order the following: Size 1/0 Olive/White 1 Size 1/0 Green/white Size 1/0 Brown/white (if you can make that?) Then Size 3/0 for all three Clousers same colors just different size total of 3 total of 6 Clousers all with painted eyes. Then Sand eels: Size 2 Olive/white 2 of them Size 2 Black/purple 2 of them Size 4 Olive/white 2 of them Size 4 Black/purple 2 them total 8 sand eels Please let me know if this can be done. Thank you
  5. Broke out the spinning rod to go fluke fishing on the outbound tide in a local river. Water was not the brown mess further upsteam. Not a bite to be had, can't say i saw any bluefish although I was prepared if they showed. Second time I have seen State Police boat in river, guess they will be out and about for the summer.
  6. went to RB this afternoon for a bit, son was looking for blues and me fluke. Got nothing but a lot of salad and dirty water. Went home and took a nap
  7. Glad to see it’s not just me who thinks something is different this spring
  8. Took a walk yesterday evening over the navisink. It’s like a brown mud on Middletown side. Rumson not so bad. Not sure if these photos make the case. Some lines of clear water also. Very odd to me.
  9. for what its worth, I filed a report with NJ-DEP. If I get a call back or answer I will post up.
  10. Have to say, worse looking water I have seen in my 20 plus years of living in area. Have yet to see even crabs coming out to eat the bunker
  11. Whats with the brown/rust color of the Shewsbury river in the back, Oceanport/Little Silver area. Haven't bothered to look in Long Branch area. Been this way for past two weeks or so. Wife and I have been taking a lot of evening virus walks and we have both noticed the odd color. Does not look fishy to me. The winds stirring up bottom? all the dead bunker? Even the upper navisink in Red Bank appears the same color.
  12. Crabs, um um good
  13. Fished a local sedge island or sort of a sedge Island on dropping tide this morning. Caught the skunk and was mugged by these 5 creatures.
  14. Hunting license clam license fresh water/trout stamp. I am sure others such as crab traps etc. I would have to check but would not surprise if It’s not asked as part of DL application. yes, there are a ton of dead beat dads.
  15. I wonder what the sports pope is gonna say. He used to kill the jets as being classless thugs and said the Giants were what teams aspire to. I cant blame Giants or Seahawks for the stupidity of these two knuckleheads.