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  1. I’m not sure what that is supposed to be, but it seemed like it would make a good avatar.
  2. Anything that can be done to prevent voter fraud on the level that it occurred in the 2020 election, is a good step towards reestablishing the integrity of the vote.
  3. Carp know how to test an anglers patience. Those are some big fish. Good catches.
  4. What were they doing? Crowd control to prevent another riot like the one they had in NH?
  5. Does anyone know if Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for Monkey Pox?
  6. The self professed champion of the marginalized is now wearing a diamond on her finger that was most likely mined by child slave labor in Africa.
  7. Thanks. That makes sense. Fighting a big fish on those Scarborough's seems like it would be a challenge. Ever use one?
  8. The problem with removing Biden from office, is that the left has Harris waiting in the wings behind him. She is an insurance policy against removing him from office. As unfit and unqualified for the office as he is, she would be worse.
  9. The river I fish is the opposite of yours. It's narrow and very slow moving. Typically a 1/4oz egg sinker is all that's needed to hold bottom. In the middle of the summer when the river is running really low, you can get away with as little as an 1/8 oz. So far this spring it has been running relatively high and fast, so I've been I'll use up to a 1oz no roll sinker. If I need any more than that to hold bottom, I'll abandon the Carp because the chum would just drift downstream into the next town somewhere. That situation is where I'm thinking the method feeder might be a better option if I need a lot of weight to pin it to the bottom anyway.
  10. Congrats on a successful trip, sounds like everyone had a blast! You mentioned the method feeders. I've never used one, as I'm from the "keep the weight as light as possible school". How does your success compare to using a method feeder to prior to using one?
  11. Thats interesting. Do you know what the thought process was behind lowering the reel?
  12. They were interesting videos to watch. One of them was a rather long video that broke down the mechanics of a cast. They stressed the importance of lead position on the drop, as well as keeping the lead "outside" of the rod tip. A lot of stress on arm position too. It seems like good info, because them guys can launch! The bad part is, now I'm looking at magged reels, which I probably really don't need.
  13. The other day, for the first time, I was watching some surf fishing videos from England on YouTube. I was amazed at the difference is casting technique from here. For instance they thumb the spool with their left hand(unless everyone in in England is a lefty), grip the rod up high with the right, and the rod butts appear to be shorter to accommodate casting from the left. So the question is, which style is technically correct, ours or theirs? Or does it really matter. I mean primarily in the fishing sense.
  14. This is it exactly. BLM might be graft operation since Sharpe James ran Newark NJ. If only someone had the guts to ask them who specifically they have helped with those millions, besides themselves.
  15. If we still had legitimate journalism, they would be asking these questions.