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  1. We need a thorough, transparent investigation as to why vermin like this keep getting elected. Exploiting a tragedy like this for cheap political points crosses the line of human decency.
  2. So, these rocket scientists want to build a city where no white people can live. I think there's some flaws in the logic here. First, to get away from white people, they buy rural property in one the whitest states in the country. Second, they're going to need building materials and other supplies, presumably purchased locally....from white people. Thirdly, when they get into inevitably have a crisis, and call 911, the emergency services that arrive will be.... you guessed it, white people. Call me a cynic, but I don't have high hopes for this plan. I also see one chick in that picture. She's gonna be walking around that place looking like she fell asleep on a barrel.
  3. At least they know they'll have at least 3 people going to games. Couldn't resist.
  4. Why waste the time typing all that. I can say it in one demand. 1. Kill whitey.
  5. Those things suck too. The other thing I've noticed recently(pre pandemic), is the amount of latex gloves left at fishing spots. If you don't have the stomach to touch a fish, one should consider a different hobby.
  6. I'm down for a plastic bag ban. They really are a blight on the environment. It gets tiresome picking them up off the beach, riverbank, or seeing them stuck in trees. Sometimes they do put up a nice fight in heavy current, though.
  7. What people who are trying to make a living off of unemployment a career don't realize is, there are 250,000 people streaming over the border every month. If you're trying to keep a business afloat, and need employees, there's your new labor force. It they get replaced by illegals, its their own fault.
  8. "When the alphabet bois bring a party, you must see their hoedown, and raise them a hootenanny." - Thomas Jefferson (probably)
  9. Probably mistook the bidet for a water fountain. Hit his head on the rim, trying to get a drink.
  10. Why would they support Trump now? I'm sure the Republicans were rewarded handsomely to look the other way. Once the accusations of election fraud were made, the burden fell to the government, Republicans included, to prove otherwise. Both parties owe an investigation to the electorate.
  11. We will never have unity until the progressives admit to the coup. Only then, we can begin to unravel their tangled web of deceit, and move forward.
  12. If you were forced to attach your name to a mail in ballot, and voted for Trump, your name is on a list at some alphabet agency. They will try to exact revenge, as they vowed to do so.
  13. The guy they shot probably had concrete evidence that would lead to the arrest, and indictment of Hillary Clinton.
  14. First, I would like to say thanks again to you and everyone else who took the time to give me some great ideas and advice. You're a bunch of good dudes! Any way I stopped at the stationary store on my way home from work and sized up some paper clips, found some twist ties at home, and I'll grab some tie wire from work tomorrow.You know the addiction is real when your tackle shopping at Staples.
  15. Great catch! Thats a good size channel anywhere.