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  1. After a long career, a Moyel decides to retire. While cleaning out his office, his wife finds a jar of foreskins preserved in a jar in his closet.When asked what to do with it, he replies "Eh, just trow it away." His wife responds: "That sounds like a waste. Here's an idea, take them to a tailor and see if he can make something out of them." The moyel agrees and takes them to a tailor. The tailor tells him to come back in a week and he'll have something for him. So a week later he returns, and the tailor hands him a wallet. The Moyel responds in shock "There must have a 1000 foreskins in that jar, and alls I get is a lousy wallet?". The tailor replies " Yes, but if you rub it for a minute, it turns into a suitcase".
  2. What you hear in this is actually the net result of the reversal of the inroads made by President Trump towards an amicable Russo/American relationship.
  3. In Russian, what sounds like the N word we use here, is actually the word for negro.
  4. The better ? is what crimes has Trump been convicted of? Answer the question.
  5. Wait until a nuke plant starts melting down, and they have to send the guy barely qualified to rake your lawn in to fix it.
  6. What crimes has Trump been convicted of? Christie is spreading disinformation.
  7. The left likes to parse President Trumps words and assign positions to them, no matter how inaccurate or untrue they may be. This seems to be the latest trend in their misinformation tactics.
  8. Why aren't poor white people in West Virginia lighting up fast food restaurants when their fries aren't hot enough. The heinous crimes committed by white people in WVA really aren't great examples when compared to the culture of violence endemic of urban centers. Those heinous crimes are anomalies, not the norm.
  9. Why don't they hire a few of the rocket scientists and engineers that we're told are crossing the southern border in droves.
  10. Of course crime in West Virginia is going to committed by white people, as West Virginia is predominantly white. Now explain why disproportionately black and Latino communities are plagued by a disproportionate amount of violent crime on a daily basis.
  11. What’s the connection between Rudy and Mar A Lago in this case?
  12. The point is, nobody asked us if we wanted these clowns here.
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