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  1. Saragosa 10000F Price updated: $170 + shipping Sustain 2500FD Price updated: $120 + shipping
  2. Meet me at $200 shipped just for my sanity's sake and we've got a deal. No box, unfortunately, but this reel is in amazing shape.
  3. Decided to keep the Saragosa 5000F ---- Shimano Saragosa 10000F in used shape! This reel needs a tune up but it's in great shape and just needs to be relubed and cleaned I think. Nothing wrong with function, just doesn't feel quite as smooth as it should. Asking $200 + shipping Shimano Thunnus Ci4 4000 -- This reel is in perfect shape! Technically used, but barely. EXTREMELY smooth and like new! Asking $225 + shipping Shimano Sustain 2500FD - Used but in really nice shape. Super smooth and works great. Not cosmetically perfect but fishes great! Asking $150 + shipping Everything will be shipped via USPS priority mail. Thanks for looking!
  4. thanks! @Seidner
  5. Need to know exactly what I've got here! I know they're Heddon Dowagiac 150s (5 hook models). I believe the boxes are original to the lures themselves. Any information, any help with dating the lures.etc massively appreciated. In an unfortunate spot where I'm having to sell off a large majority of my gear... so if anyone could give me an *estimate* on their value, it would be a massive help -- and dont be worried about hurting my feelings if the price is low haha Lure 1: Lure 2:
  6. Thanks for posting this, I knew the reel he had was a Z but had no information to back it up. Wasn't going to start an argument ha ha
  7. This is a 706z. There was no black 706 that wasnt a Z model
  8. Selling my Penn 707z. Has no emblem, and the rotor was drilled by someone who was clearly inexperienced at doing so (not me hahaha) Asking $250 or possible trade for high quality spinning equipment
  9. Okay let me think about it. I'd be looking for around $225 with those plugs I think, either way I'll sleep on it and we can discuss it tomorrow
  10. I like the SP minnows, and possibly the Mag Darters, depending on what you'd value those lures at. At this point I'd be looking for predominantly cash I think.
  11. Sounds good, let me know
  12. I think I'd have to pass on that, apologies. Just not interested enough in those plugs, sorry if I misled you on that front. I fish on piers in the northern gulf coast and they just wouldn't be much use to me. The 707z is pretty damn rare so I'm hesitant to let it go for less than im comfortable with. I suppose you have no reels/rods youd be interested in trading?
  13. @Bow3022 it hid my last reply for some reason... I said: When you say a little cash on top, how much would you mean? I know Mike Fixter's plugs are highly collectible, but I don't really know what to value those at. What do you value my 707 at? Do you have any decent - high end spinning reels or rods you'd consider trading? Saltwater jerkbaits? (xrap, sp minnows, megabait, yozuri, live target, etc?)