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  1. Before anyone says it, yes these are pricey. But if you're feet hurt all day after shelling out big bucks for a guide, maybe the price is worth it? In any event, I used to be a barefoot guy, but wear Oofos all the time now. Like walking on supportive clouds. https://www.oofos.com/collections/men/products/mens-oomg-eezee-low-shoe-white-navy
  2. I just picked up one of Vedavoo's wallets - really impressed with it. Super easy to pack and holds a ton of flies. I went with the 10" version in their vinyl. Also, their reel covers are awesome. The kimono style is great for using on a rigged rod.
  3. It's interesting that the rods being listed as ones that will just continue to be fished and not replaced are not the mid-priced rods of their time. Sage RPLX, T&T Horizon, G Loomis GLX...these were the high-end, high-priced offerings. To compare apples-to-apples, the Echo EPR is not comparable. Today's high-end rods are really good. Are they worth $1k+? That's up to the buyer. I own a T&T Horizon and a T&T Sextant. The Sextant is a better rod. Both will absolutely catch fish, but in my opinion head-to-head the Sextant provides more performance and I'll pick that over the Horizon as I simply enjoy casting it more. I think I spent around $500 for the Horizon as I bought it new. I picked up the Sextant used for $650. Not a big difference. And if I keep it for 20 years, it's only a few extra $ per year.
  4. Has geared changed that much? No, probably not. But it sounds like you have a legitimate reason for looking at some new gear - your experience with the Echo tips breaking. In the realm of mid-priced rods, I would throw a plug in for the TFO Axiom 2x. It's an awesome rod at any price. For me at least, it just fits my casting style. I tend to grab it over my T&T on a regular basis. I've not had any breakage issues, and I've never used it, but the TFO warranty is supposed to be really good. The Axiom 2x is a fast rod. If you're into a more moderate action, the Mangrove Coast is worth checking out too. Both definitely should be on the list for a test cast.
  5. This line works well on my TFO A2x 6wt. But I agree with everyone else, "freshwater" vs "saltwater" designation doesn't matter. Find a line that works for your fishing style and go with it. https://www.orvis.com/hydros-cold-water-intermediate-/2ZJ9.html
  6. @vallyp I've got 4 saddles I can part with if you're interested. $35/saddle shipped. Let me know.
  7. btpeck14

    Rod advice

    TFO has a travel version too.
  8. btpeck14

    Rod advice

    TFO Tactical Inshore. I have the 704-1 and it's perfect for a change up from the fly rod. https://tforods.com/product/tactical-inshore/
  9. Thanks. I'll send you a PM to figure out the details.
  10. Very lightly used Airflo Coldwater Intermediate line. 7 weight. Welded loops are intact on both ends. $40 shipped
  11. I could go as low as $210. Let me know if that works. Thanks.
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