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  1. I can’t wait. Where I am a lot of the small ponds and bays have the thinnest bit of ice and it’s just enough to get me excited. Time to sharpen the auger
  2. How much would you like for the second group and the back bay?
  3. Gorgeous plugs. Definitely interested in the first plug(I’m assuming that’s the Gibbs reproduction) in the second group, and the back bay. Would you be willing sell individual plugs or would you like to sell as a lot?
  4. looking for a handful of plugs while this thread is open. Plugs 8”+ would be ideal. Price range is negotiable. Open to lots.
  5. Photo for attention parrot would be great but open to all colors. New used plugs welcome. Definitely would like a Don C as pictured below.
  6. Closed
  7. Bump
  8. New or lightly used. Mostly looking for block green, but open to all colors. Thanks
  9. Keeping the tread open- still in search of yellow and whites
  10. Fair enough- I’ll take both. PM coming shortly
  11. Interested. How much per plug?
  12. New or used, open to any colors but mostly looking for anything in Greens, yellows, and whites
  13. Original VS might be the best bet if things don’t work out. I’m Not a lefty but having the bail does help with any abuse it gets put through on the rocks (which is a lot). Only down side, more parts and things that can go wrong.
  14. Sent it in for service. I’ll give updates as they come