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  1. Okay. so on Tuesday my only catch was a small spot. I decided to try live lining it using what I thought I read about on here called a breeches buoy rig. Tied a 6 oz sinker to my main leader on my 12' pole and heaved it out. (Heaviest I had with me). Had a 6/0 hook on 30lb mono leader and a duolock clip on other end. Hooked spot thru the back behind dorsal fin. Hooked the duolock over my main line and held up my rod as high as I could. The theory I thought I remembered was that the duolock would slide down main line and with the main line being further out it would get the bait out beyond what you could reach trying to cast sizable live bait. Didn't seem to work all that well. At this time tide was coming in and maybe 2 hrs before high mark. The main line didn't seem to have as much incline as I thought. The bait basically just got beat up in the surf. Was I doing something wrong here? I tried to find the original post on here but have not been able to find it. TIA
  2. It was fairly flat when I hit Conquest about mid afternoon on Tuesday. Surf picked up as tide came in.
  3. incoming tide. guy up the beach from us told me he had hooked one kingfish but that was it. he had come down to ask me how I hooked sand fleas since he always lost his. was nice to be able to payback (forward?) the help I've gotten here
  4. Went down yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. Crossed at Conquest Rd and then drove down past Lifesaving station and Savage Ditch. That it seemed to be the toughest driving I've hit in my vast (13 mos) experience! Felt my Taco start to bog down a couple times. (18 psi). Nice afternoon, nice dinner, one small spot. Drove off at Savage Ditch. Didn't realize there was no air station there!
  5. Bait guy suggested I try the flat no-roll style sinkers. I tried one 5oz I think. It was on a day with strong south wind. It seemed like it just wanted to slide down the beach. I'd interested in thoughts about pyramid, no-roll, or bank when surf fishing. TIA!
  6. hurricane sinker? looks like a pyramid on top but with a sort of cone shaped bottom?
  7. Paid $28 for a dozen "jumbos" yesterday. I know they are expensive but really??????? Are they that high everywhere?
  8. Thanks all. Think I'll pick up some frog tongue and maybe a sputnik.
  9. Yeah...I was gonna add that to the mix but couldn't think of sputnik to save my ........
  10. Fished 3R yesterday from 4pm to 830 when the tide started to over wash toward my parking spot. Nice evening, dinner on the beach, but no fish. FBBW, clams, fleas, bunker, some mullet some one gave me as they left the beach. Not a thing.'s not true...something took bunker but couldn't hook it. Threw some soft plastic and metal along the wash too. Should have hit Savage Ditch I think based on bait shop suggestion. On another note, watched some guy just tearing up the sand down by the crossover. drove up the slope and back down several times just revving thru it and. really rutting it up. BTW, the crossover has some BIG dips in it.
  11. Was planning to hit Fenwick but then I saw scotsphil's post
  12. Heading down tomorrow late afternoon! Fingers crossed!!!!!
  13. CHSP crossings ae open I think. 3R and Fenwick open. Keybox, Conquest and Faithful Steward still closed. Can't even park at Conquest.
  14. Which is preferable for beach/surf? I want to get a laser shiner 6" as a starter.
  15. if you are the 'snatcher" helping out a stuck vehicle, is there any reason to favor using the front or the back points on your veeeehicle? Snatch in reverse, or snatch in D?
  16. I usually fish on the beaches in DE. I have a 12' Offshore breakwater, heavy, mod fast paired with a Penn Battle 8000; a 10' Penn Squadron with a Daiwa 4000 reel; a 7 ft St Croix med/fast with a Shimano R4000; and an old flea market purchase 7' med heavy rod with an old generic 4000 size reel. Planning how I would want to use them this year. I have been throwing a fish finder or drum rig out for distance with the 12'. On the 10' I would either do a fish finder closer in or a hi/lo. The junk rod I would do a hi/lo in close. The new 7' St Croix I figured on using with either a hi/lo or soft baits in the wash for flounder. I've been reading that a lot of folks keep a rod on the side for throwing lures if opportunity should arise. Would the 10' rod be the one to keep set up like this? Thanks in advance! Hope to maybe run into some of you on the beach this year. I drive a grey '21 Taco.
  17. Interesting idea. Never heard that one before
  18. There was an article the other day where the author mentioned that it cost them $195 for AIMD OSV. It said $145 for OSV and $45 for entry fee? Question 1- Last time I looked at NPS web site OSV access was $110? Question 2- I have a lifetime senior pass for National Parks. I was assuming that would cover any entry fee. Am I wrong? Thanks......working my into justifying the extra cost over my DE surf tag.
  19. This is what I came up with last year. The shower bag looks nice though. I could hang it over the side of the bed out of the way.
  20. This is one of the best pieces of advice I've gotten on here lately! Thanks
  21. Thanks All for the advice. It kinda confirms my gut feeling. I'd rather take the strain on the hitch receiver than on the front frame. Rockfish....I had a similar attachment on the front of my '21 Taco but in reading it seemed to be just a tie down for transport and not designed to take any kind of kinetic/dynamic stress. I added this from Bullet Proof Fabrication to use in its place.
  22. Agreed 100% Snyper. I was just wondering whether its better to use the front tow hook or the hitch receiver on my Taco if I am helping. The front point is NOT the tie down from the factory. I installed a beefy hook in its place.
  23. I was lamenting the fact that I haven't caught anything noteworthy except doggies and a VERY small striper. Then....for some reason I remembered what is my PB!!! Off a party boat out of Rock Hall.....many decades ago!!! Swallowing my pride here...what a skinny sob I was!
  24. a 2nd yr fisher, I would NOT feel comfortable joining in here. I think I would just park and watch and try to learn!
  25. I was debating about Fenwick but ended up on 3Rs based on bait shop info. Apparently bunker was in short supply right now. Had clams on a drum rig on my 12' pole. Then 2 hi lo rigs with combinations of FBBW, clam bits and sand fleas that I dug up fresh. Found about a dozen and a half really nice sized fleas with little effort. However......NOTHING.....something kept taking fleas off one rig but I apparently am not skilled enough yet to hook anything! Was on beach from 630 AM to about 1. Other than the wind it turned into a nicer day than I expected. oh well....another learning process I guess