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  1. Interesting idea. Never heard that one before
  2. I usually fish on the beaches in DE. I have a 12' Offshore breakwater, heavy, mod fast paired with a Penn Battle 8000; a 10' Penn Squadron with a Daiwa 4000 reel; a 7 ft St Croix med/fast with a Shimano R4000; and an old flea market purchase 7' med heavy rod with an old generic 4000 size reel. Planning how I would want to use them this year. I have been throwing a fish finder or drum rig out for distance with the 12'. On the 10' I would either do a fish finder closer in or a hi/lo. The junk rod I would do a hi/lo in close. The new 7' St Croix I figured on using with either a hi/lo or soft baits in the wash for flounder. I've been reading that a lot of folks keep a rod on the side for throwing lures if opportunity should arise. Would the 10' rod be the one to keep set up like this? Thanks in advance! Hope to maybe run into some of you on the beach this year. I drive a grey '21 Taco.
  3. This is what I came up with last year. The shower bag looks nice though. I could hang it over the side of the bed out of the way.
  4. This is one of the best pieces of advice I've gotten on here lately! Thanks
  5. Thanks All for the advice. It kinda confirms my gut feeling. I'd rather take the strain on the hitch receiver than on the front frame. Rockfish....I had a similar attachment on the front of my '21 Taco but in reading it seemed to be just a tie down for transport and not designed to take any kind of kinetic/dynamic stress. I added this from Bullet Proof Fabrication to use in its place.
  6. Agreed 100% Snyper. I was just wondering whether its better to use the front tow hook or the hitch receiver on my Taco if I am helping. The front point is NOT the tie down from the factory. I installed a beefy hook in its place.
  7. I was lamenting the fact that I haven't caught anything noteworthy except doggies and a VERY small striper. Then....for some reason I remembered what is my PB!!! Off a party boat out of Rock Hall.....many decades ago!!! Swallowing my pride here...what a skinny sob I was!
  8. a 2nd yr fisher, I would NOT feel comfortable joining in here. I think I would just park and watch and try to learn!
  9. if you are the 'snatcher" helping out a stuck vehicle, is there any reason to favor using the front or the back points on your veeeehicle? Snatch in reverse, or snatch in D?
  10. I was debating about Fenwick but ended up on 3Rs based on bait shop info. Apparently bunker was in short supply right now. Had clams on a drum rig on my 12' pole. Then 2 hi lo rigs with combinations of FBBW, clam bits and sand fleas that I dug up fresh. Found about a dozen and a half really nice sized fleas with little effort. However......NOTHING.....something kept taking fleas off one rig but I apparently am not skilled enough yet to hook anything! Was on beach from 630 AM to about 1. Other than the wind it turned into a nicer day than I expected. oh well....another learning process I guess
  11. Heading down tomorrow morning. Plan to be waiting when the bait shop opens. Debating about doing CHSP, 3R or Fenwick. We'll see what happens!
  12. I do that all the time.....very rare for me to find any. All I am using is my required long handle shovel though.
  13. Interesting discussion. I bought a pair of Cabela boot foot over the winter from grand-daughter's boyfriend and tried them out this spring on 2 occasions. I use them for surf fishing on drive on beach in DE. I loved being able to stay dry and warm. However, they are neoprene, thick, and seem very snug! It's a struggle to get in and out of them. In my ignorance on first try I wore jeans under them. The 2nd time just a light base layer. It was a mild day and was sweating like a pig! Not sure I am going to bother with them anymore unless I go out in November or something. I've been considering going to stocking foot breathable. How high of a boot can you wear with stocking foot? I have a pair of boots 15" high. Would they work or do you need shorter wading boots?
  14. There was an article the other day where the author mentioned that it cost them $195 for AIMD OSV. It said $145 for OSV and $45 for entry fee? Question 1- Last time I looked at NPS web site OSV access was $110? Question 2- I have a lifetime senior pass for National Parks. I was assuming that would cover any entry fee. Am I wrong? Thanks......working my into justifying the extra cost over my DE surf tag.
  15. About the size of your bait, I'm still a newbie but I have read that it is essential to have the barb well exposed when using circle hooks.