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  1. thanks feesh .....I think I got lucky then. Never noticed those spines! These were the first real catches for me in several decades! The spiny one threw the hook as it came out of the wash so handling was minimal. From what I've read they can be a nasty stab! Need to wake up and start thinking about these things!
  2. Was at 3R's bright and early today. Several skate but also pulled these in. Help a newbie with ID. Are they both spiny dogfish or is one smooth?
  3.'re right! Sorry....still on learning curve here
  4. Catskill John I had assumed you meant DE....Now it sounds like AI?
  5. Waiting????? For spot on the beach?????
  6. Took this screen shot this morning from IR bridge. I'm curious about the streak of what looks like calm water running parallel to shore behind the surf line. Seems to run a long way. Is it wind? Someone referred to a "slick" the other this what they meant? Does it tell us anything?
  7. I've been using PetaA's idea. Toboggan style plastic sled that grand kids used to use has been sitting in shed for many years doing nothing. A couple of bungee cords to hold things in place. Slides over hardtop and sand. Although my new Taco 4WD arrives this week, I will probably throw the sled in the back just in case knowing how crowded DE drive on can be.
  8. I understand the basics of where to cast on ocean beaches using the breaking waves as a guide. But if you are on one of the bay beaches, from Beach Plum on up as far as Auguestine, I am thinking the surf action isn't as pronounced? How do you judge where to cast when beach fishing in those areas?? Thanks in advance. I've learned a lot and really enjoy reading this site.
  9. Well....I had just retired. Bought it to do occasional wood runs for my woodworking. Most travel was when I would go 5 miles to the club to swim or to haul yard waste on weekends. Only long trip it ever made was from DE to Louisville one Christmas with a china closet I had built for son and his wife for Christmas present. It just barely fit in the bed!
  10. z-man thanks for the info. On checking the spray job extended the warranty for 15 yrs from manufacture. I'm at 16 yrs. On your other note, mine only has 68k miles on it but the only thing I have ever had to replace were tires and brakes. Still running the original clutch as well.
  11. It was inspected years ago. They pulled the bed and sprayed the rails. This was when the recall on frame rails first came out. I've certainly got my money out of it. On the other hand, I hand about decided that I couldn't justify buying a new truck just to get 4WD and I would just haul my gear as a walk-on with my plastic toboggan. This gave me a final reason to pull the trigger on a new one.
  12. We always made our own. I learned from my father in law, now my son takes on the duties of providing the goods. Fresh only. Served with a fresh jar of horseradish!!
  13. My current one is an '05 with 68k miles. I wouldn't have considered trading it except for the condition of the frame rails....terminal cancer....they were delaminating in a couple spots.
  14. So there is about 12 miles of beach accessible? And limited to 140 vehicles on that 12 miles???
  15. What parts of the island are accessible for drive on? Looking at Google earth I saw a lot of campgrounds but couldn't see any particular area. Ball park figures how long does it take to get there from say New Castle county? Google maps shows about 2 hrs to Berlin. Thanks in advance