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  1. outstanding. this was most likely it
  2. I was glassing out over the water on Saturday morning when I saw a three masted ship near the horizon. We were parked in the far lot at Hardings beach and looking about SSW. I gave my girlfriend the binoculars and she saw it as well. Three masts, no sails and the masts didn't look to be in line as if it was in the process of breaking up. Are we delusional or was there a ship out there? I asked some local family if there was a boat out there and they had no Idea what we were talking about.
  3. Alrighy I'll make the switch to flouro. Why that over mono?
  4. What tides are best for the albies on the south shore? also how short is too short of a leader? I currently have 3' of 20lb mono
  5. Chatham, but willing to travel anywhere. My father and brother have done a few charters in the past but are relatively new to saltwater. 3-4 people. Leaning toward inshore as it is more affordable (recent college grad...) however if I can find a relatively affordable bass/blue/tuna trip I think that would be a great option
  6. Most definitely does not have the mouth of a mullet, it's mouth expanded like a bass as if to suck in prey
  7. Anal fin is different than a mullet no?
  8. Caught on a small kastmaster out by Shinnecock. Footprints are size 14. I was thinking some type of shad?
  9. I am trying help plan a trip for my father's birthday for Sunday the 18th. Does anyone have any suggestions for Charters? we open to all species! thanks, Ben
  10. I dont think We'll have time to get out to the canal, Anything off of the beaches? or is it too shallow and protected in and around Chatham?
  11. I'm going to be in South Chatham the weekend of the 14th and want to put my father and brother on some saltwater fish. I'll be coming from Long Island with my saltwater gear but have no idea where to start or even to go... Diamond jigs, Bunker/clam chunks? not looking for sharks or anything big hell even some snappers would be fun! any info would be great! i'm open to DMs as well Thanks Ben
  12. Unfortunately A new plan was signed by NY Govenor a few years ago, Mostly pertains to NYC. in 2020 the EPA banned the instalation of outdoor wood furnaces.... Why burn wood from yur property when you can burn oil from the middle east?
  13. Wood burning stoves are also becoming illegal.....
  14. Harding's Beach sounds familiar! Also as far as parking goes are there any permits required? Should I try and get a town sticker from family?