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  1. Sorry for the slow response. I'll do 85 for the two Habs or 100 for the lot.
  2. Habs Jr 3 oz pencil Habs black over orange 3.5 oz needle Habs white 3.5 oz needle 105 shipped
  3. All I fished. Some rigged. $315 shipped
  4. Used but Excellent GRS Schoolbus Medium Slim Diver Habs Jr 3oz. Pencil 2 new BM Dannies Surf Asylum Darter New but has hook marks from packaging Habs Sr. Atom 40 170 Shipped
  5. Habs Jr pencil- 33 shipped 2 Lefhook Swedgehammers- 17 shipped each- (herring sold) 2- Surf Asylum Large Danny's- 22 shipped each -sold Old Gibbs- 23 shipped Eelskin Needle- sold Beachmaster Gibbs Style Needle- 32 shipped Guppy Pencils- Sold Plugcaster- 27 shipped
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