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  1. Do you know what year the blank is from?
  2. As long as u keep the line tight on a fish you'll almost never loose one if u crush the barb and some say u get even better hook sets which I would be inclined to agree with so I would deff do that however changing to single hooks will defff change the action of some plugs so be careful with thst n maybe bring an extra treble or 2 in the bag so u can switch it up on the go ... I suggest Cordell pencil poppers for blues are they are inexpensive and veryyy productive especially in flat calm water like u got in Connecticut.. when i would fish the north shore alot back in the day the Cordell pencil was by far our most productive popper .. good luck out there and be patient surfcasting is about persistence and it makes getting on that big fish blitz jus tjsy much better
  3. Back in the day i was told if u see a seal go home. And I don't remember ever catching fish with seals or a seal around.. however in the past few years the seal population has exploded on long island and there were multiple times last fall where I'd be in the middle of a huge blitz everyone on the beach hooking up and then you'd see a seal or 2 right in the middle of the blitz with fishing busting all around it almost unphased by the seals presence .. so these days I try to avoid the seals but I certainly won't "go home" or switch spots immediately cause of them
  4. Interesting.. will check it out thanks !
  5. Hockey tape or the medical tape are both good options however I prefer the flexibility in the hockey tape so I go with that instead of the medical
  6. And thats total bull**** bro id see what I can do legal wise I hate wen companies try to play the bull**** warranty game ESPECIALLY in your situation when they don't even have the rod anymore.. blows my.mind
  7. I have to say I've been a lami gsb guy my entire life and I absolutely love them.i don't think another rod comes close however I always had older gsbs and I had 2 new ones made last fall .. they both broke within a month one rod was barely fished and broke from being on a rod rack .. ik they changed the materials a little in 2014 and I have to say they feel like they went down in durability each time .. yea they deff got lighter and I guess maybe a little more sensitive but I don't thinknid recommend getting a new blank from them.. luckily my rod builder has been dealing with them for 20smtin years so I didn't have to deal with there customer service
  8. Jus gotta put the time in and experimentation is keyyy ... I think guys who haven't grown up doing this don't realize how smtin so small can make a huge diff.. buy a bunch of diff trailers and diff bucktails don't get sucked into buying too much of anything to start .. hair density, shape of head and type.of trailer could be the diff between catching a couplenfish and banging fish everycast .. basically my point is to keep switching stuff up until u find the bite .. good luck this year
  9. Not all plugs swim good with a single on the back..ex sp minnows mag darters Cordell pencil poppers.. I changed all my back hook to singles then realized how diff some.pligs swim especially the smaller ones .. u can compensate with maybe an oversized single but will deff take some experimentation
  10. Yea my most productive color sp at night has been chickenscrstch by a mile.. actually during the day too jus can't go wrong with that for some reason
  11. I've been throwing a blurple sp on dark nights for a few years now n never got a touch.. its still in my bag at certain times of the year but rarely sees more than a few casts now
  12. I can't really say its the best of all time yettt but the fishaholic shad body's have been my most productive lure for past 2 years .. deff been my favorite since I started using em.. time will tell if they continue to be productive
  13. Cotton Cordell pencil poppers are my go to for bluefish.. there very productive and doesn't kill ur wallet if u lose one or 2 .. which u will with blues
  14. Secrets by tiesto will probably always be my fav pump up fishing song
  15. Try to find a real old school gsb I feel like the newer ones aren't as durable.. but id still go with the new gsb blanks over anything else.. and if u want your new rod to be slightly diff jus change the guide layout