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  1. Bucktails and bullet needles.
  2. Never and I mean never, listen to Billy Joel before you go fishing!!!
  3. Though choice but I guess I'd have to go bone.
  4. I totally understand. I'll take it for 275.
  5. Would you take 250, meet up with cash? I have to pay quite a few in tolls
  6. It's a gen 2!
  7. Palamor braid to swivel, like everyone mentioned. Never had a problem with that, have caught fish in the 30's.
  8. Zeno's Art of Surfcasting. Def a good book to read
  9. Vr75
  10. Where Ew you located?
  11. The 11' seage only come on a 3-8 oz.
  12. I have a 9' Genesis. I didn't like it at first but it is slowly growing on me. Took some time to adjust, coming from a 10' GSB
  13. I haven't too much luck with my gen 1's. My vr175 had to be repaired 3 times. Water got inside, it started skipping a gear and it also Siezed on me. My vr50 the screw backed out of the bail and is stripped now. Somehow that happened without being touched. Outside of that the vr50 was great. I would honestly just save a little more money and just by a vsx. I've never had a problem with one, it could def take a beating.
  14. What did you prefer dna or genesis?
  15. That's a great warranty don't get me wrong but I had 2 Mojo surfs snap. I just don't want to have a unreliable rod snap when I'm out fishing