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  1. I like the Orvis, bought the Bean one years ago & it does the job better than any of the old dish pan versions I've made thoughout history. It looks like the new Bean models have overflow holes. I think Ill take a stab making a flexistripper tray. I think that would be handy with the 2 handers on streams
  2. They are work horses, I have no idea how many I have now. I picked up one this Spring at the Bear's Den w/ spare spool - I doubt it had ever been used. Sits nicely on the 2 handers
  3. For saltwater I still have a few old Cortland 325QD's but they are falling apart. On a stiff 9/10 wt rod they were outstanding. The new Cortland HEAVY sink line us 400 grains I think. This kind of question warrants a call to the Bear's Den in Taunton or a trip if you're local. Scott & his team can walk you through & hook you up
  4. Love the Tioga!
  5. All good advice My only additional suggestion is to use a smaller fly. You will catch plenty of stripers and blues on closures, surf candy, etc...