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  1. I've been wearing Kaenon polarized glasses for a couple years now and I love them. They're based out of California. The frames are sturdy and the SR71 lenses are top notch. They're pricing has come down a bid since they first started.
  2. I've been predominantly fishing the surf for the past two years but now I want to start exploring and fishing the bay side of Island Beach State Park. Are there any other access points to walk and wade other than the kayak launch area down by 22? I've hiked out to the bird blind before but not sure if there is any easy access to the water from there.
  3. I have the Striper Pursuit book and I must say it gave me a lot of insight. I really like how he has the QR codes in the book so you can switch really quickly over to some youtube videos to see exactly what he is talking about.
  4. Yup... south side of Manasquan Inlet to North side of Barnegat Inlet
  5. Curious if anyone here is fishing in it.. https://www.saltwaterunderground.com/barrierislandbeachbrawl
  6. Tags are about $20 I believe. I’m pretty sure their beaches and piers are only technically open dusk to dawn. I was fishing there pretty frequently in March and April and was only approached once for my badge and that was the first weekend right after opening day of the striper season which was unusually warm and pretty crowded around town. I stayed late some nights until around 9:30 -10 and never had any issues but talking to some other guys they said usually between 10-11 pm if a cop sees you they’ll ask you to leave.
  7. Island heights??? I know they require a recreational badge in the summer months but it’s not really on the barnegate but more of the Toms River.
  8. What was the total number of passes issued prior to the increase and how does that compare to some prior years?
  9. Looks like they'll have more available in October for the fall season.... https://tomsriver.shorebeat.com/2021/04/island-beach-state-park-4x4-permits-sold-out-until-october/
  10. yea, I just called because I haven't received mine yet and was starting to get nervous and they confirmed that they are in fact sold out. However, they did say that the 3 day permits are back this year.
  11. I was outback in Central Ocean County last night from about 5:30 - 8:30. Wind was blowing about 14kts NW...Dead high tide was about 6:30ish I believe. Soaked bloodworms and pulled in 3...... a schoolie about 19' and then two nice size ones 24' and 29'. Some of the other spots i could see off in the distance seemed to have some nice action as well...
  12. how long ago was this?
  13. I ordered mine online back on 3/25 and it still hasn't arrived yet. I did the pick up at the park option as I thought it would be ready immediately but it turns out the state just ships it there and you have to then go pick it up. I called IBSP a couple days ago to check on it and they said the state is pretty backed up but it should be here hopefully by the end of this week.
  14. I'm getting ready to have my F150 sprayed with Fluid Film. I don't know where you're located or if this is too far out of the "Central Jersey" radius but there is a company called T3 services down in Manahawkin that is an authorized dealer. Woman told me it would be about $200 for them to apply it and then they'll give you a bit of a discount if you come back on an annual basis. Similar to what some people said previously, they'll put the truck up on the lift and spray the bottom and then get into any preexisting holes to get the insides as well. Also, check out the beach buggy forum on here. There's a lot of talk about under coatings, that's where I learned about Fluid Film.