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  1. Do you know anywhere I can try out this rod? Saw you guys talking about it on the other thread and seems like a fun rod to fish with. Doesn’t seem to be available online and the Century website has no info. Thanks!
  2. Hi, New to the forum here! Planning to get a new set up for the upcoming tarpon season here in central Florida. I've been reading through a bunch of threads on on here for a while trying to figure it out and finally decided on posting. Previously I've used the Dark Matter OB with a Ballistic 6K which is great for casting small lures and it is super light. I've been able to land big fish over a 100 lbs with it but it doesn't have nearly enough power and is hard on the fish. I'll be using 40 lb braid and casting lures between 3/4 oz up to 2.5 oz max and most heavier set ups I've looked at doesn't seem to cast the smaller stuff very well. I'm willing to spend up to a $1000 on a combo. I've been looking at the Saragosa 8K for the reel but it is on the heavy side. I got wrist issues and can't cast heavy set ups all day. The VR150 is a lot lighter and might be the way to go? Seems like the reel selection is pretty limited while the rod is endless. Not planning on dunking the reel or anything but some sealing is nice. As for the rod I'm looking for a 10fter. So many options out there its hard to decide without getting my hands on any of them. I've been looking through Century, Lamiglas and a bunch of other top brands, but without getting a feel I have no idea what the difference really is. No tackle shops around here carry many decent surf gear. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!