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  2. Completely CLUELESS on how to maneuver the vessel for optimum vertical line angle. That meat was BURNT from the needless elongated fight!!! I know a thing or two about BIG tuna... That's 306lbs of YFT
  3. So was "I".....Now where's my secret de-coder ring??!!!
  4. I did see that stock in Capt. Crunch Cereal was been on an upswing
  5. Here is another Pharma Stock ETON Upcoming Catalysts DRUG STAGE CATALYST DATE Dehydrated alcohol injection (DS-100) Methanol poisoning PDUFA 05/27/2021 PDUFA date May 27, 2021 ET-104 (zonisamide oral suspension) Neurological indication PDUFA 05/29/2021 PDUFA date May 29, 2021. Ephedrine Injection (ET-203) Injectable hospital product PDUFA 06/18/2021 PDUFA date June 18, 2021. Topiramate Oral Solution Seizures/migraine PDUFA 08/06/2021 PDUFA date August 6, 2021. Drug Pipeline DRUG STAGE NOTES DS-300 Nutritional deficiencies CRL CRL received October 2020 (announced November 12, 2020). Expects to respond in December 2020. EM-105 Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, epilepsy CRL CRL issued March 17, 2020. Additional trial to be completed in the coming months. Alkindi Sprinkle Pediatric adrenal insufficiency (AI) Approved FDA approval announced September 29, 2020. EM-100 Allergic conjunctivitis Approved FDA approval announced September 25, 2020. ET-202 Injectable hospital product Approved FDA Approval announced October 22, 2019.
  6. I invest in Pharma stocks with drugs in Upcoming Catalysts & final stages of FDA Approval. Here is one I invested in FBIO Upcoming Catalysts DRUG STAGE CATALYST DATE CUTX-101 Menkes disease NDA Filing 1Q 2021 Rolling NDA submission expected to start in 1Q 2021 and to be completed 2Q 2021. Intravenous (IV) tramadol Postoperative pain following bunionectomy surgery PDUFA 04/12/2021 CRL announced October 12, 2020. New PDUFA date April 12, 2021. CEVA101 Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Phase 2 1H 2021 Phase 2 data in children due 1H 2021. MB-103 GBM and Metastatic Breast Cancer to Brain Phase 1 2021 Phase 1 first data due 2021. MB-104 Multiple Myeloma Phase 1 2021 Phase 1 first data due 2021. Cosibelimab (CK-301) Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) Phase 1 2H 2021 Phase 1 top-line data due 2H 2021. MB-105 Prostate cancer Phase 1 2H 2021 Phase 1 further data due 2H 2021. CAEL‐101 AL amyloidosis Phase 3 2H 2022 Phase 3 top-line data due 2H 2022. CEVA101 Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Phase 2 2022 Phase 2 data in adults due 2022. Drug Pipeline DRUG STAGE NOTES MB-207 X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency (XSCID) Phase 1 Phase 2 IND filing due 2Q 2021. MB-107 X-linked Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (XSCID) Phase 2 Phase 2 pivotal trial to be initiated 2Q 2021. MB-101 Glioblastoma Phase 1 Phase 1 initiation announced December 21, 2020. MB-106 B-cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma & Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Phase 1 Phase 1/2 interim data presented at ASH December 2020. 89% overall response rate and 44 % complete response rate in patients treated with modified cell manufacturing process. CK-101 Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Phase 1/2 Phase 3 trial planned. Triplex Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Phase 2 Phase 2 trial planned. MB-108 Glioblastoma multiforme Phase 1 commencement of dosing announced October 24, 2019.
  7. One of the MOST OVER-RATED guitar player ( term used loosely) in rock-n-roll history!
  8. Rewards of NOT anchoring your bait...that's 306lbs of YFT...Clarion Island, Mexican Waters
  9. I'm NOT a Fan of the owner of this website "TimS", so my posting will be Self -Limited. I'm NOT a static fisherman!!! order to maximize your ability to hook fish ( landing them is solely on your abilities or lack thereof) is Exponentially Increased ....WHEN you DRIFT that bait!!! Learn HOW to adjust & fish with a suspended bait...UNDER a Sliding Bobber!!!. When you "Static Fish" are ANCHORED to an infinitesimal SMALL section of the bay's/ocean's bottom . When you "LEARN", the emphasis on "LEARN" to use a properly set/adjusted sliding have NOW Increased the amount of the bay's/ocean's bottom by 10,000%!!!... There is a certain breakwater in Half Moon Bay. Imagine being able to Successfully DRIFT the length of the breakwater from 100 yards OFF the breakwater !!!... SAME with the bay...St.Francis Yacht Club Jetty being a Perfect Example!!!!... LAZY fisherman catch a 6 pack of empty beer cans....Sliding Bobber fisherman CATCH LIMITS of Fish!!!...You mileage may vary!!!
  10. You better return that Harbor Freight tape measurement if you think that's a 17ft Boston Whaler!
  11. This will be my last post in regards to this topic. It is a popular & misguided attempt/method of trying to negate the validity of a poster's content based on the length of time & the number of posts that individual has on a website. To which I ask this question. If a poster posts that 2+2=4 & is a neophyte on a website in terms of both time on that website & a limited/small number of posts vs a long time member with thousands of posts, & that long time member posts that 2+2=5. Is the long time poster Correct?! It's a rhetorical question, the resounding answer being, NO! There has never been nor will there ever be, a direct correlation between a poster's length of time on any website including the sheer number of posts & the factual validity & content of their collective posts. Every post is a singular event & as such either rises or falls based on the factual content of that singular event/post.
  12. Where are the Rodman Vessel Owners on this website?....
  13. Circa 1985 Farallon Islands aboard my custom designed & fabricated by myself Boston Whaler "Pilot House".
  14. You are aware of the sheer number of PAID advertisements on this forum are you not?!