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  1. I don't change mine at all unless my leader gets too short. Longest was probably a month and at least 16 hours of fishing. Between occasional snags or bluefish compromising the leader. I start with about 3'6" leader if it gets too short I make a new one.
  2. I hope fluke doesn't disappear when l decide to get an ultra light setup.
  3. I kept hooking them today, must be a large blob of them. Easy to remove, few jerks and they fly off the hooks.
  4. I think what is being said that there are good small tackle shops with good and fast service in the US, and most have a preference to deal local. Ordering oversees is always risky if something goes wrong but beat some big retailers with long delays with shipping speed. Availability is another factor that forces some to look oversees. Most purchases for reels and rods are without warranty and return windows are tight. Service for jdm reels is also a factor, works for some but not for all.
  5. I hope they teach not to anchor your boat 50 yards right in front of someone casting from the shore or just staying off casting distance from the shore in general when there are people fishing.
  6. Lots of good info in this thread and thumbs up for sharing a method that works, I'm sure there was quiet a path with various gear to get to this point and is not cheap to achieve right sensitivity and action that give results. I think this method will even yield good results using cheaper setups but perfection come at high cost with top gear.
  7. Sweet, that's good to know. Maybe I'm confusing it with plat then. As for reseller they call themselves third party and say no warranty on most rods and reels, which already happens as part of export.
  8. Wow, you got lucky. When I read their terms I understood buyer is responsible for return shipping even if defective. Also, they kinda hint if you have issues you're screwed. Forget if they hit you with restocking fee as well on returns. They are reseller and don't hide it. I know people still use them. I guess this is were the risk it. I used one japanese store on few occasion recently and it's 3-4 days to arrive for a reasonable shipping cost. What is stupid, Amazon prime sometimes takes longer. I prefer to order local when I can and a shop I use on east cost is quick shipping, typically same or next day, and excellent communication.
  9. I see some Suffolk spots/parks with nice access make it specifically for Suffolk residents only, oyster bay this year changed beach access to their residents only and so on. Not much going on for Nassau in terms of beach access designated for residents only that's worth it. Barely see any law enforcement as is, if area gets flooded with unintended use and no one to stop it.. may get even worse. Was in the area yesterday, people swimming and having small parties. Few weeks before that, looked like a tent city with large crowd, didn't even want to walk past.
  10. Anyone try this?
  11. Was by the piers recently, it's odd that some large boats change course full speed passing by the piers within short distance to send giant wake into the piers at full tide, looks like intentionally. Or others slowly passing by within close distance to wave hello. Well, hello to you too, but you just scared all the fish. I guess there was no fish there to begin with, so what's the difference lol.
  12. I'm not sure baby yoda would stick around for long around that spot. This photo is not mine, but I found it is from the south shore and a few years old. I don't know for a fact if the stroller had a child in it or not, hope not.
  13. meanwhile on the north shore
  14. Nice foggy late afternoon at the south shore yesterday. Fishing was nice but no fish. Large size bait fish braking water, not sure what they are, but no one there to eat them.