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  1. Skunked today. Bay and ocean.
  2. Went out today, no action out front and in the bay.
  3. I watched some of his videos a while ago, definitely lots of talks about points that can be made in fraction of time he uses to says it and multiple repeats but he is a cool dude and if I could ever end up fishing next to him I'd watch what he does very carefully. . A+++ to his videos and pod cast content are top stuff.
  4. I think this may be an extra dry (out of lube) anti reverse clutch. Problem with those you cant over lube them either. Typically after some time this sound should disappear. But if it disappeared and came back maybe needs tiny drops of Shimano bantam oil on each roller.
  5. Twin power sw has rigid support drag, quicker response and smoother drag plus aluminum rotor with less flex and quicker transfer to drag - Heavier duty stuff, but if you're fishing for stripers and bluefish not something a cheaper real can't handle. Stella was too expensive so I settled for twin power 8000hg and 6000hg and really like both. I would buy them again. At the end of the day, buy best you can afford. Also TP SW I believe is lighter than Saragosa if you care. Not sure how roller bearings are set up on gosa , TP SW 21 has two bearings in the roller for heavy duty stuff.
  6. I was surprised to get a short fluke. I also hooked to another fish, something small, but lost it in the lip due to an aerobic fancy ninja move, couldn't tell what it was, didn't exactly feel like a snapper or a shad. Maybe just a small one though, didn't put up much of a fight or shakes before I lost it.
  7. Was nice fishing towards sunset to moon transition this evening. Wind kept waves down. Didn't get stripers but didn't get skunked as well and caught a fish so that's a bonus.
  8. Yup, tried few past evenings at one spot and got nothing. Going out soon and will change few things.
  9. XD and FD are freshwater and light surf duty. One has more rigid aluminum rotor the other fancy MGL (plastic) rotor. SW lines are built more heavy duty. Dunk any one of them and I would service right away. Random light splashes I'd be less concerned.
  10. Your choices appear limited, so it's easy for you. Just go out and enjoy. Metals sounds good of various sizes try some small lures too.
  11. Caught this too. Think it's hickory shad.
  12. Thanks for the update. What Zenaq is also known for is great balance easy on the user.
  13. I hear 106H PS casts a mile.
  14. Nice buy! Enjoy. RG guides supposedly cast substantially longer distance. Let us know how you like it.
  15. Look at it as marketing terms and target species translating to strength and optimal lure rating that give best sensitivity at rated range. Note that fishing in deep waters with current multiplies pull on the rating of the rod and can play tricks on you. Lighter the blank the more sensitive it is. TZ Nano are YB flagship models. Consider guide sizes, range of PE lines and recommended reel sizes for balance as well as lure ratings that you want to use. Blue current tz nano is another interesting line for sensitivity and very light lures but will hit ultra light category.