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  1. Occasionally I’ll baitfish in a crowd it’s fun watching the bells go off when a school of bunker go by and these guys run and swing on air then another rod goes off and same guy runs and swings on air and the light flys off
  2. Well instead of arguing,I’ll just offer a true story from a few years ago.I was bait fishing throwing heads and the only other guy on the beach was plugging He sees me pull in a slob and walks over in disbelief and says I’ve been casting for hours for small fish and these big girls are down there I can’t believe I tell him sometimes they want the meat.He became a friend after that and one day I watched him plug his personal best and took the photo for him ...he kept catching big fish that night only one small fish.He begged me to take a cast with his set up I said no it’s your night.He insisted said he needed a break. I relented and said ok ,he handed me a St Croix Van Staal set up told me to cast and count to 4 (sinking sebile) and crank slow ...4 cranks later boom I’m hooked up dropped the fish 3 seconds later handed the rod back said thanks .Moral of the story just talk to people it’s a lot easier to be friendly.
  3. All the barriers,gates, dunes, windmills etc. just mean one thing to me and that’s less access to fishing,boating and anything else they can slap a no trespassing sign on or keep clear of ,keep off of, no wake,no swimming,no surfing.Can’t wait for the windmill fields to ugly up the coastline.
  4. Yeah Big Biscuit I’m not the problem on the beach in fact I don’t even need a headlamp anymore with the light show others provide
  5. Oh boy if telling a joke is a custom I guess I have to so stand by while I think of one.
  6. Thanks surfcast ,Jimmy z and Eric dice for the welcome.
  7. Thanks for the welcome everyone,Don’t have any jokes that I can repeat here sorry. Definitely a lot of content on here looking fwd to it. To user Nekowa I agree nothing like throwing a Big Fenwick with a 706 greenie,should be mandatory to start with a old Fen-Penn combo.
  8. New member here but not a newbie nor a know it all. I’ve been a boat guy since the early 80s and a surf guy as well but not as long.I fish for the glorious fish and the not so glorious bottom dwellers. You can find me most nights casting conventional till the wee hours in and around Raritan bay. Daytime it’s all about Fluke.Thanks