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  1. The res was the local name for those who new how to fish it, kinda like a badge of honor. The chu is for the outsiders , like the tourist at the canal. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, still a few days left for ‘ one more cast’ .
  2. Looked into it because I hate waxing my truck. Found a guy to do it for $400 cash . Came out great . I would recommend doing it to a new vehicle. Went back to have my wife’s 2 door Jeep done , now $500. Said he made a mistake charging only $400. Would be $1000 now. Passed on the Jeep, I can wax it in 2 hours & I don’t mind doing it. $400 , yes , $1000 , don’t know. But is does look great . Done 9 months ago. Cross that bridge next time ?
  3. Had 5 Tacoma’s , loved them , no problems. Waited for them to come out with electric seats for my back . Went with the Ridgeline , on my second one . I trade often . May never go back. 24/26 around town , 28 hi way, 30 if I drive slower , sometimes. Take out goes in the trunk. Along with the cooler etc,etc, etc.
  4. I answered my own question. Being 100 miles away, work & I don’t do weekends, sometimes it makes it difficult. I have no problem. I can hold my own. Thank you.
  5. Fish the breaking tides , east flow , no problem. Question, with the fish going south , would the west breaking be productive? I know there’s no fish in the canal, just in case one was going through.
  6. Up there last week , on the way to Jackman , most favorite place.

  7. Had 4 Tacos, great resale, did the job. On my second Ridgeline, very happy. Tows 5,000 lbs., trunk in the bed , priceless. Low 20’s around town , I can stretch it to 30 mpg on the highway. Works for me.
  8. Never had a spitter
  9. Found 5 young of the year barn swallows on my deck this morning. Not babies, fully feathered, & flying. 4 were wet , 1 was dry. Rain & cold ? Central Mass.
  10. For what it’s worth, 9’ Ugly Stik GX2 , medium action, 10# 832, penn 4000, 1 1/4 oz. goldfish , 75 yards, measured .
  11. Years ago fishing the mud flat , I would always wash my hands with mud when I arrived, out fished everyone, shoulder to shoulder. I still rub my hands with whatever natural material at my feet, sand , sea weed etc. Fished with a smoker , he didn’t believe fish can smell , he never caught anything.
  12. Any particular color you like best? Any problems with the hooks? Or did you change them out? Bills breaking ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Update, they cut the field. 2 oz bank sinker, 3 casts , 96 , 100, 104 yards. VPR VS1225S90 9’0” , 1-4 oz. lure
  14. Not at this time. I have a farm field behind my house, when they cut it in a few weeks , I can give it a shot . I do throw lighter stuff with the 9’. No complaints , they work for me.
  15. Like to share a customer service experience. Late 90s I won a Star Rod, it was a dust collector until 3 years ago. First time I took it out, I caught a small LB bass , reeling in, the rod separated at the reel seat. ( maybe that’s why I won it ) Checked out their warranty & thought I’d give it a shot. Made contact, sent it UPS . Star said it would be about 6 weeks for return. 6 Weeks later , Star said they never received it ? UPS said the rod was damaged when they got it , no s**t. Argued with UPS for 2 weeks, telling them I sent a damaged rod in for repairs . They trashed it. Not covered by insurance. Told my story to Star . She said they would sell me any rod I wanted 1/2 price. A few calls later, I asked if I could get more then 1 rod, sure , no problem. I got a 7’ VPR & a 9’ VPR . Next winter, a on line tackle outfitter had a sale on Star Rods , I got a 10’6” VPR with a free Star reel. The 7’ is incredible accurate casting, the 9’ throws 3 oz 110 yds , the 10’6” , 130 yds. Just passing on info for a rainy day read.