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  1. Thanks T man dealing with a triple medical problem.
  2. Yours look very consistent, 3D lathe or handmade? I'm impressed. Jack hit the basement, mellow music and a fishbowl of gin. The two ballistics are definitely unique. I have all 3 F's from Harbor Frieght, I'm going to stamp a lead sheet and see how they compare. Remember how this all started when I said I made the original plug that was offered by zerotide. I found the twin I'll post after I add eyes and hooks. It was in a tub with planers and SS braid and about 300 surge tube lures. The 3 7 1/4" darters are the white smoke damaged one is Jack's top eye a 1/4" off center, on second yellow/red is mine as is the last blue/white with the exact same paint spray as the infamous zerotide plug. I will put eyes on the plug along with the same tail hook and post 360's of them all. Things are just a little hectic now. I have 60 or so darters in various stages. Also a pictorial about aging wood All the best.
  3. I got it from Jack. Vinyardblues has an article describing a WY popper 5 3/4" x 1" published and signed yet off from the 51/4" x 11/8" in the Fisherman plans.
  4. Sorry hitting button like a blind chimp no luck
  5. Sent y[u shipping info thanks wheres the lock button?
  6. Vinyardblues sent me an article with a 1" x 5 3/4" WY popper this also does not match the plans.
  7. If you don't want to pour check out air gun ammo. The bigger sizes vary by grains not huge differences. I use a bunch of 22 cal. bullet slugs typically 40 grain. Doubling up on 18 grain 22 caliber pellets work well. For the bigger stuff you can go up to 50 caliber. The Farragut guys and other LEO's used a 158 grain 38 cal slug to weight their darters. Pyramid Air check it out.
  8. The trick is the stencils, trying to Leonardo Dan Vinchi free hand is tough. Using an index card cut with a razor knife with pieces of wood glued on the back to keep plug in place you can make exact duplicates. My Florida collection has a lot of mirrolure knock off with paint and rod wrapping light epoxy. Did not make it there next trip.
  9. In tomorrow's mail will send you # thanks again
  10. Thank You Randy I also have another, no corrosion bail spring is a little tired 85.00 shipped for the pair. Either way works for me. Thanks again.
  11. It's exactly as shown in his plans. Also the Devcon 2 Ton which was all he used. The belly area was torn out, and the plug was dropped from the bench. The front eye was damaged and replaced. This was another reject. This was given to me after he critiqued one I made that was too fat with not enough of a vee. That plug was picked up by Ken? at an East END raffle. No tail flag and the same blue paint as on the infamous darter. Also I believe the blue Bannana had 1/4" eyes not 3/8". I just landed am getting horrible coverage and have had several posts time out and others I thought loaded have taken multiple times.
  12. The Gibbs saw a few fish, Creek Chub Pikie has U straps. The Danny never saw water, and I have all hardware for the Goo Goo eyes. As a long term fan of Marling Baits going to give them the squirt and epoxy coat on a wheel.
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