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  1. Monty Don. 5 1/2 month old black lab Australian Shepard mix.
  2. As a parent of a child with autism who when excessively stressed self harms I am heart broken by this video. This savage who filmed this, pushed this kid knowing he was going to get this kind of reaction. Previous to him filming the kid obviously had a breakdown and he decided to pull his camera out and push till the kid lost it. Basically the camera man is bully who needs to be punched in the mouth. For those that don’t care, just remember this young man could sit home and collect handouts like so many others do but he is out there giving it his best shot. He doesn’t deserve to be filmed having a mental breakdown and flaunted on the internet for people to laugh at. He didn’t ask to suffer from mental illness, it’s out of his control.
  3. I wear Sloggers, similar to Crocs but made in America. I usually wear them in the morning when I water the vegetable garden. I don’t like to get mud in the soles of my work boats as I work in mostly finished homes.
  4. Went to Depot today to get glue and decided to grab a cheap Stanley razor knife. When I rung up the razor knife the customer needs assistance alarm went off. Apparently in New Jersey you have to give your date of birth to buy a razor knife now. The attendant said that she believes you have to be 18 to buy a razor knife. Who comes up with this ****.
  5. Sorry, didn’t upload photos right the first time.
  6. Got this guy at 16 weeks. They say he is a Australian Shepard/lab mix. We named him Monty Don. First puppy for me, third dog over all. He’s doing great in the crate and only has had a few accidents in the house. He is a little leash shy, but we are working it out. He starts obedience training 4/19.
  7. I’m not sure of location but In NJ all contractors have to have their license number on just about everything. You can run the license number on the NJ division of consumer affairs website to see if the number is active. If the number is active when they reapplied they had to have active liability insurance. I am a contractor and I only do jobs when I have a signed contract, been burned by the verbal contract. Scope of work on paper helps both parties know exactly what work is going to be performed. Neither party can say “you said”.
  8. Had lasik done in 2002. No issues since. I did have a scare the first night. When I got up the next morning both my eyes had multiple blood vessels pop and it looked like my eyes were bleeding. When I called the dr. He laughed and said it happens all the time and not to worry. On a side note, a few years after having LASIK I was installing a medicine cabinet and noticed one eye had a small pupil and the other eyes pupil was totally dilated. Needless to say I was a bit freaked out. I went to the same Eye Dr. who did the LASIK, and the all technicians were freaking out thinking I had a stroke. Dr. Walks and says: Dr: Have you been fishing Me: yes Dr: do you get seasick? Me: yes Dr: Do you wear the patch for seasickness Me: yes. Dr: Wash your hands once and a while, the ingredient in the patch is a dilater and you got it in your eye.
  9. One way to disguise the ceiling out of level would be to bring the crown down of the ceiling about 1/2” at the lowest point. Run the crown level to the cabinets and allow there to be a shadow line that will be much harder to pick up on visually. The other option is to push the crown hard to the ceiling at the lowest point and run it level leaving a gap where the ceiling is higher. Get a good taper to come in and float in the gap with mud.
  10. My suggestion would be to go to a reputable kitchen design company and get the process rolling with them. They will most likely have a contractor that they work with and most likely prefer to work with. Having a design first will help the contractor with giving you a more accurate price. Just an FYI I am a kitchen remodeler/kitchen installer in Atlantic County.
  11. A good cabinet designer will set the cabinet above a standard fridge at 72” off the floor. Most standard roll in fridges are 70” to the top of the hinges. To get the height of the cabinet above the fridge you have to work backwards. If your finish height of your kitchen is 90” then you would need an 18” tall cabinet above the fridge. Once installed trims can be used to close the gap, but in my experience most fridge companies want a 1” air gap.
  12. Picking up this guy on March 13. He’s an Aussie Shepard-black lab mutt. Lost my golden February 2019 and lost my wife’s mutt June 2020. Excited to have another dog in the house.
  13. Battling Covid right now. Got my positive results yesterday. My wife and both my kids (3 and 5) have it as well. Worst symptoms are fatigue and loss of taste. My wife has fatigue and sinus infection symptoms. Kids have the sniffles and their normal amount of energy. We take shifts dealing with the kids and sleeping. Going to be a long few days.