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  1. Alright let’s do it. I’ll shoot you a PM
  2. Thanks! The closest I have for you is a googoo slim Pikie in chart/pearl white.
  3. I honestly don’t have too much that could be 1:1, but what are you looking for?
  4. Going to open this one back up.
  5. Looks like 800-1200 for bass depending on half day or full day, and how many people.
  6. They also have the NEX1 blanks as a 1 piece with moderate action.
  7. But boat fish don’t count, haha
  8. I snagged this needlefish about 12 years ago at an RI breachway- pulled it up with a tangled mess of about 4 other plugs. This plug was a go-to for years. I’ll never forget it because it really got me into fishing needles. Unfortunately lost it a couple years ago when I messed up and let a teen/low 20s bass put me in a bad spot.
  9. Swimming in current is still something I will not do even when I know that I can swim for miles. Longest swim I make is about 80 yards, and I’ll only do that if there’s very little surf. Last year I had one of those freak things happen that was pretty much totally out of my control- my left boot lace got caught on my right boot lace hooks, which tripped me and sent me tumbling in chest deep water with a solid surf running. It was a struggle to free myself from that one, in those conditions. Things can go wrong even when you do everything right.
  10. Closing this down. No interest.
  11. There are definitely two sides to this. But I will say this to those who aren’t bothered by the bug-hype: Those resident summer fish are not an infinite resource. It’s a very small population. Once the method to catch them is discovered by the masses, the countdown starts. That fishery is now at high risk to eventually dwindle away to nothing because it’s accessible and common knowledge. When they are gone, I bet it will be hard to stay chill about this. You wanna help people with reports? Save it for the few guys you see a bunch at your local spots. Who you know are pounding away, putting their time in, and stand to lose something if they let the word get out.
  12. Hate to do this, but I’m looking to trade this scabelly glider for full size sinking RM smith waverers. Hoping 2:1, so fished condition is fine as long as it’s not too beat up. It has some very light use (couple casts, sat in the bag a couple times). If you are going to fish it, it is essentially new.
  13. Solid assessment. I just checked the leaderboard out of curiosity and as of now the biggest shore fish is 33”. Pretty dismal unless they are waiting on late entries. PSA: Don’t bother fishing the south shore.