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  1. I will take both mini wadds, please.
  2. Absolutely- It will never be possible to have enough enforcement. That’s why I think taking away the incentive to poach is really important. Guys aren’t filling the trunks of their cars, beds of their pickups, and heavy duty contractor bags with bass to put fish on the table for their family. They are going to sell them via back-door deals and the black market. I bet large fish markets and restaurants are the main buyers for poachers, not random people. If you take away the ability for markets and restaurants to sell bass, I bet the demand for cheap poacher bass drops dramatically, and poaching will decrease commensurately. So, eliminate the commercial fishery and the ability to sell bass.
  3. It sounds like you already have a lot of information because you have productive high tide spots. If you know what features make your high tide spots productive, then try to replicate that scenario during the lower tides by hopping around a little. Chances are the fish you are finding at high tide aren’t very far away at the lower tides- you just need to re-find them. So next time you are at that spot and the bite fades- take a step back and study the area, think like a fish and make some educated guesses to try and re-find the bite.
  4. Sorry, no longer looking since I posted this in January! But thank you for offering the plug. Going to lock this up.
  5. This is a myth that needs to be busted. They don’t swim south. They stay up in Canada. Maybe they bleed into downeast ME a little. Canada is a lot bigger than people think and to get from the spawning grounds in the miramichi to MA is pretty much a 1,000 mile swim. Chessy is like 400 miles to MA. I don’t see them trekking 1,000 miles through Canadian seas.
  6. Say whatever you want. I still respect you a ton and how you fish. I would rather not encourage the giant fleet to set up for 4 months of killing big breeders. 3 months had already been bad enough. That is all.
  7. I wouldn’t have said anything. Let people make their own reports and let the ones putting the work in enjoy some extra real estate out there.
  8. The new slot won’t change how I fish but the 2015 year class has turned slot fish into the new rats. They require minimal effort to catch and are pretty much everywhere. Where 30-34” fish used to be a nice way to avoid the skunk when targeting big fish, they are now fish that I try to avoid during peak migration. My plug cant get eaten by a 30 pounder when it’s always in the mouth of a 30 incher. I also just wish more people saw that catching “nothing but slots” or “crushing slot fish” is unfortunately not impressive and it’s the same thing as catching a bunch of 20” rats in 2018. Just because the fish grew doesn’t mean the angler did as well.
  9. Been fishing for 20 years. Being able to catch fish in abundance for the next 20 trumps how many fish I can catch in a single night or even season.
  10. 28”-31”, I say just get rid of it all together. no harvest. Also ban bait fishing and rear hooks. According to the preliminary data, that would eliminate a lot of release mortality. I’ve never hooked a bass anywhere other than the mouth with just a front hook on an artificial.
  11. Same as any other place. Fish it over and over again until you know exactly where your plug is and where it needs to be on your retrieve. There is no magic answer. Just put in time and consciously think through what you are doing on every cast.
  12. I tested a built evolution at a shop once. I was disappointed that I couldn’t feel the nano particles working. Especially considering the wallet-incinerating price tag. It also didn’t pair well with my zeebaas 27. Based off the information on ODMs website, I guess it’s so expensive because [insert nonsense bro chemistry-speak here].
  13. They are in for a rude awakening. They aren’t going to make any money or become famous in any way doing this. They would need to move onto the bigger LMB market, where that is possible. My guess is they will lose steam once they realize that’s not going to happen and move on to other hobbies. Surf fishing is all about personal satisfaction, not money or fame. If you aren’t in it for the former, then there’s no way someone will really get enough out of it to stick with it. I’ve said this before, but IG likes and YT subscribes doesn’t get you out of bed at 2am on a workday to slip into a cold wetsuit when it’s 50 degrees / 30mph NE blow. That kind of drive comes from within. The other beauty of surf casting is that the magic happens at night when filming is not possible. You can’t consistently put together jaw-dropping content fishing from shore in muck boots during the day. I.E, there aren’t enough people who give a crap about a couple 35” fish in a blitz.
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