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  1. Edited. Commercial link removed
  2. Depending on the bait, I usually try to match the hatch. I have one from all sizes in most colors. gotta figure out the color and size once you have that it is like fish crack.
  3. I am respectfully withdrawing my offer. Thank you
  4. Did not see yours and the rules everyone knows them. You did not see me fighting to get them and give people sometime the benefit of the doubt. No need for drama. I don't fight or argue over such petty things. The seller knows the rules. Its all yours buddy you can have it. I am withdrawing my offer.
  5. Nice lot
  6. Never seen something like this. Really nice
  7. I will take it
  8. Thanks
  9. A pic would help sell your item
  10. Thanks for the report.
  11. That’s what I fish for now before they back out front.
  12. Applied soon as the app opened and picked up mine from the office at the park. I believe they increased them to 8000 this year so it will be a s**t show during the summer but the fall won't be that busy since lots of corporations are bringing back their employees into office environment.
  13. Seems like it is a night bite starting these days but noticed once the fish feeds well for a couple days then bite dies and picks up later.
  14. People were catching in Monmouth yesterday
  15. I live in philly, 40 picked up