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  1. Thanks! I am in Commack and that is a haul for me. Thanks! I will check it out!
  2. I am in Commack but grew up in West Islip and fished those waters for 65 years! :-) I used to love Argyle Lake but since the changed the shoreline, seems like the fishing came to a halt. Do they really Stock Argyle with trout! What size?
  3. I've got cabin fever. I just ordered some European Nightcrawlers, some small bobbers, put a couple of rods & reels, a net, and my fishing bag in my trunk. I'm ready! I live on Long Island and I'm old, so I am looking for some easy access spots to fish from shore. Any suggestions?
  4. Have a great day! :-)
  5. No! Bubbles Falls is just east of the dried out lakes, and Rattlesnake is still further east of Bubbles Falls, both on that side road off Sunrise, goint to Montauk That's right. Bubbl es Falls should never be dry . . .
  6. That is a shame. I see people fishing in late Summer and Fall for snappers. I was wondering if there may be a Flounder or to there.
  7. Anyone fishing Bubbles Falls this time of year? Any luck? Trout, Small Mouth Bass, White Perch, etc. ???
  8. Anyone fish from the pier at Northport, in the harbor? Besides snappers in late Summer, what else have you caught there? There is a Gazabo at the end of the pier, with some benches and looks like a comfortable;le spot to fish! :-)
  9. NICE! Back in the day, they were everywhere and then they disappeared. Glad to see they are coming back. I heard they were also catching them off the pier at Captee
  10. I remember when the Bayshore Marina opened, I think, late 60's. We would fish for cocktail blues from there and often caught large fluke and pails full of blowfish.
  11. THey should open a season on commorants then! :-)
  12. Howe many flounder can the birds eat? Te flounder used to be here by the multi-thousands
  13. Thanks for the info, and back in the day things were great!
  14. Good point! :-)
  15. I agree and DDT has not been used for decades.