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  1. Really appreciate the offer! I'd definitely like to take you up on that, even seeing them in person would be great but testing em out would be even better. I'm in Newport. Can you shoot me a DM? I'm still new to StripersOnline so not sure how to DM...
  2. Thanks everyone! Torn between the Flatlander and Rockhopper. May go with Rockhopper as it's readily available at my local shop.
  3. My fellow Rhode Islanders, Starting a thread to see your largest largies of 2021. This is purely a brag thready so brag away! I've filled in part of this pic to hide location. 5 pounder caught on a chatterbait
  4. Hey! Looking for a solid new surf belt. So far, I've used a cheap belt that is is flimsy, has all plastic components, and problematic as the buckle often pops off due to fraying of the belt (yes, I've burned the frayed portion many times). Ideally, looking for a stiffer belt with stainless buckle that can handle a 60lb boga, plug bag, bucktail pouch, pliers, & knife. All suggestions welcome!