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  1. If you're willing to split I'm interested in the glider...
  2. Is the bottom one a Stetzko? If so I'll take please.
  3. I'm leaning towards this rod. Do you happen to know how it compares to the Sling Shot? The SS1267 (10'6" rated 2-5oz) appears to be similar to the KNE1206 (10' rated up to 5oz), though the Sling Shot seems geared towards lighter line and is listed as fast action. Curious if anyone has experience with both as the Sling Shot was recommended to me but the NorEaster is what I'm leaning towards.
  4. Agreed. Unfortunately the warranty is up. I've contacted Lami to see if they'll make it right but my hopes are not high
  5. So I've gone through 2 of the new GSBs. The first one broke due to a freak accident, not the fault of the rod. The tip on the second one broke randomly mid-fight but should be salvageable if cut down. No excuse for the second one which is why I'm likely switching brands.
  6. 10M and about 2 inches off the tip. Still able to fish with it but realistically it needs to get cut down. Kinda forced to fish with it as I don't want to miss out on what's been a hot bite
  7. The current GSBs have not been as durable for me. Had the tip snap off which is why I'm looking for a new rod. This model is also rated to 2-5oz and doesn't do well below 2oz so I'm hoping for something that can handle the lower end of a 1-5oz range as well.
  8. After fishing both the stock GSB10MS (1 piece) and GSB101MS (2 piece) the past few years I'm looking to order a 1 piece blank for a custom rod. My local rod builder said the quality of GSBs has gone downhill in recent years and that I should check ODM and Century. Century intrigues me the most but it seems all of their blanks are 2 piece. ODM has 2 options for 1 piece blanks - the Evolution & Nex1. The rod will be paired with a VSX200, 1-5oz weight range is ideal, and durability is key as it will face abuse on the rocks. I love the parabolic bend on the GSB so am looking for a similar taper. Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
  9. Got on the hardtails this AM. Also caught a small bone. Good morning to be out.
  10. Experienced the same thing. Hit the surf last night and it was clear the cold front has slowed down the bite. Went out in the boat for albies this AM and despite the boat traffic, no one was hooking up. The birds were flying but not feeding. Disappointing
  11. The dropshot is king for smallies, especially in the hot summer months. The TRD Bugz by Z-Man are my favorite dropshot bait as they're effective and last forever given the Elaztech material. Second favorite is a tossup between a spook and popper - if one isn't working try the other. Texas rigged soft plastics like "The Creature" by Yamamoto or jigs are my go-to if fishing in grass. Lastly, a jerkbait is always a great option but especially so when faced with bluebird skies, no wind, and clear water (pleasant conditions to fish in, not so much for catching). The topwaters and jerkbaits excel in these calm conditions because they piss off the smallies and draw a primal reaction strike even in fish that don't feel like eating. I'm no expert but have had success with all of these techniques. I'm sure others here, especially the fly guys, have some secrets not mentioned here.
  12. Annual trip to Lake Champlain was a success. In addition to catching many 4lb+ smallmouth (including a PB pictured here), we got on a few walleye, sheepshead, largemouth, and stud sunfish. The sheepshead was completely unexpected. We've always seen them roaming the flats but they spook easy, even at dropshot presentations. Threw on a wobblehead jig with a creature on the back and WAM, thought I had a world record smallmouth for a second. A few casts later and we caught another. Apparently people call them trash fish but not us, awesome fight. Hope to go back up there when the smallies spawn next year.
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