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  1. Matt Allen and Tim Little of Tactical Bassin would be proud of you for sharing this tip lol
  2. When you're not throwing swimbaits, are you a fan of 6 Sense baits? Noticed you plugged the Vega frog. I've had amazing results on their soft plastics, not so much with their hard baits
  3. I didn't know that and intended no disrespect, just an honest inquiry into an observation. Some people gave great advice as a result (replacing plastic lip with a metal one). Twin Maples Bait & Tackle on Block normally stocks Stetzko Lures.
  4. Ah you are correct on all accounts. I thought that they had belly swivels, but it turns out that was due to a lack of observation. The through-wiring on the belly of the needle popped out and I didn't realize it (pic below)
  5. First off, want to say I have way more love for Stetzko lures than hate. Their needlefish led to my first 30lb striper from the surf and plenty of good fish since. That said, they have no been very durable in my experience. The aforementioned 30lb fish actually ripped the through wiring out of the plug, splitting the wood in half. At the time, I pegged this to a mixture of locked down drag and rough conditions. I recently bought several new Stetzko needlefish and "Mr. Wiggly" lures to use in boulder fields and experienced further issues. During a hot bite, the through wiring on the back of the needlefish became compromised, twisting against the wood and cutting into it (though fell short of ripping through the wood this time) and the belly swivel also started ripping into the wood. Just a few nights later, the lip on a brand new Mr. Wiggly cracked right off on the 2nd fish it had ever seen (picture below). These lures are true catchers, and while they're priced quite reasonably, it's hard to justify spending the $ when they continue to break and require upgraded hardware just to fish them. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?
  6. Took my dad up to NH for his birthday so he could experience smallmouth for the first time. After running into a few pissed off 3-4 pounders, he now understands why they're my favorite freshwater fish (they don't give up!). In the past, I've mostly stuck to a dropshot when targeting them so catching the 4lb in the first pic on topwater (Megabass Diamante spook) was super rewarding. They also crushed the Z-Man CFL chatterbait, which is a staple everywhere I fish given it's ability to vibrate at even the slowest retrieve and stay low in the water column when speeding up retrieve. Not only was this was our first time fishing this lake, but our electronics failed, forcing us to go off of instinct alone. This combination of factors made catching these fish extra rewarding. That said, can't wait to get back to surfcasting for stripers!
  7. First quality post-spawn fish in RI, just short of 5lbs. 8 inch Huddleston for reference
  8. Who makes that perch glide? Looks money
  9. RI is heating up. 6.8lb caught on a Jackall Gantarel swimbait
  10. The sun came out and delivered a solid weekend bite. Largest was 5.5lbs on a bluegill swimbait
  11. I'll take these
  12. Only bite of the day. 4.3lbs caught on a swim jig
  13. First LMB of 2022 coming in 5.7lbs
  14. Staying firm at $50 but appreciate the offer
  15. Respectfully offering $50 shipped.