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  1. Anybody have scabelly’s or ccw’s for sale?
  2. its fun as hell when you hook up check out the on the water video on youtube with joe diorio idk if i spelled his last name right. if you search one the water farmington river it should come up
  3. thanks man will check him out
  4. center pin reel trying to learn the wallis cast (might have spelled that wrong lol) but line seem to not come off smoothly and gets wrapped up on my off hand or on the reel its self
  5. wallis cast is the one im trying to get down
  6. im using a 10'6 salmon and steel head st. croix rod ultra light rod paired with an okuma shffield reel 8lbs main line dropped down to 6lbs than 4lbs.
  7. Thanks I posted there as well
  8. Just was looking for some info on pricing for these plugs was going to buy some just not sure really what to offer or what there worth . There brand new in the packaging attached a pic of one.
  9. My buddy has Habs tallwhackers that are brand new in the package was wondering what there worth? Wanted to make offer to him and just not sure what there worth. thanks
  10. Check your messages.
  11. I’ll take it
  12. Is there anything left?
  13. looking for ccw plugs let me know what you guys got thanks
  14. located in stratford connecticut and specifically looking to target striped bass. the mouth of the housatonic river is in my backyard and wanted to start there next season i have fly fished in fresh water but would not consider myself a good caster or good fly fisherman lol as far as paying for lessons i wouldnt mind doing that but cant find a person around my area that provides that service.
  15. Yes I know how to use it that part is clear. by tips I was just wondering if there was anything i should be aware of as far as operating the duplicator set-up advice and if there any funny things i should look out for when using it and thought maybe some people who have used this product or are currently using this product could share some pros and cons about it. thanks