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  1. *
  2. That’s awesome congrats sir
  3. Oooo ok no problem guy and yes I prefer Stella than van staal lol what’s the problem and if u don’t like the price keep moving along
  4. Probably the worst forum to be on then again it’s free u guys have a long way to go * I rather pay yearly then be on this garbage bunch of snitches on here
  5. So I would have to take down my post from the hull in witch I pay a yearly fee because the rules state that I only can post it on here I guarantee u that I’m not the only one ☝️
  6. Ok what seems to be the problem just trying to sell a reel that’s all my friend
  7. So I’m not allowed to post a thread to sell my reel @TimS or admin
  8. Trust Me I got all my post taken down
  9. It’s in awesome shape 9-10 gona be in my desk till I guess someone wants it u know I’m more of a Stella guy
  10. To big for what I thought I was gona use it for and I like Shimano Daiwa better