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    fishing (freshwater) , avid reader, and new to surf fishing.
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  1. Rattlecan a strip of silver in the bottom and fish it.
  2. For me, drinking a bunch right out of the gate and thinking it will hold me over never worked. I felt like crap to start. Then I would still be super dry during my mountain biking ride. I resorted to a 2 liter hydro pack, stuffed with ice. It would get me about 6 hours max on an 80 degree day. The one I used had a little net/pouch attached to the housing where I kept 90%deet and a Lifestraw just in case things went bad. Now others may consume less because I was at mostly around 260 lbs and that generated a lot of heat. Try a hydro pack.
  3. Check with Tomo at Tomo's tackle.
  4. Recycling this once. Anyone?
  5. Just had them at Mac's in Wellfleet. Nice big belly clams. Some of the places manhandle the product before dumping it into to the fryer and you get scrambled clam breading.
  6. When the new VR line (Gen 2) was introduced, the dealers often offered a free extra spool with a VR Gen 1 purchase.. The actual reel prices did not decrease.
  7. I think that in many cases the carbon fiber composite can be made to meet or exceed that of aluminum. In the case of a reel spool, we only need to worry about it's compression strength. One area where composite can not meet that of aluminum is heat capacity. So if your drag assembly is to rely on the heat sinking ability of the spool -the carbon fiber will not perform as well at as it's aluminum counterpart.
  8. Good grab
  9. Yes the same length. The spools are interchangeable. Edit: must be the same generation.
  10. Just goto the deli, fetch the extra thick slices and thread em on.
  11. This. I probably use the same. I wear the thing around my neck with my car fob and phone in it. I keep it pretty close to my head, cinched up and don't really know it's there once I get about my routine. I bought a new set this season because they are not made like a 'forever' product.
  12. I'll do that RM needle
  13. The above is a reasonable recommendation.
  14. For some reason my tolerance for them is not improving but decreasing. Maybe there is some liquid therapy that I'm forgetting lately.