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    living/working in Berkshire County, MA while dreaming of walking the beach
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    fishing (freshwater) , avid reader, and new to surf fishing.
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    mid-life career change to civil engineer, former home construction supervisor.

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  1. If you need to lift a fish over an obstacle, do not 'help' the rod by grabbing the blank above any part of the upper grip. It will concentrate the load on the rod the the tip section resulting in a rod failure. How do I know this..... Lesson learned... working a carp with 4l b line and UL St Croix 5' ft spinner. I wanted to reposition my right hand on the reel to my usual stem position between ring and middle fingers, so I grabbed the blank to make this happen, when POP.
  2. First, I want to thank the OP, Itruong110, for this great information. I appreciate all the additional posts that added to the information as well; I need all the help I can get. This site has provided me with great reading over the past 10 years while at mid-life working toward, and getting my civil engineering degree. Each post/story made me long for the day when I was afforded the time to get out and try to put to practice some of the information you all provided. This season I will begin that stage, here it is in March and I find myself awake some nights thinking about searching for that fish on my first planned trip this June, 6th(Plum island/Salisbury). I wish all the best this coming season, and hopefully some day, I will have gained some worthy experiences to share here.