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  1. That abalone veneer pikie came out great! I like how you matched the eye with the veneer. Belly or chin weighted?
  2. I always keep spare D rings.
  3. I usually get out for trout a couple times during the winter. Last year I had some luck with the euro rod around christmas time. Was nice to be able to catch fish right away with a new toy.
  4. Does anyone have any fishing tools that they cant live without? Modified tools, not made anymore, homemade, and others. All are welcome, would be interesting to see what you guys are using and what for.
  6. Did you notice any difference?
  7. I purchased a VR50 not too long back. I've since then sold it. compared to a ZeeBaas the VR doesnt seem like its worth its price point. By all means get what you like, but I dont think id get the VR50 again. The only issue I had with the VR was a sort of tight grinding feeling with it. Could just have bee that it hadnt have been serviced in a while. But id expect more from a sealed reel.