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  1. Hugenot retribution
  2. an amazing Masters for sure, but Verne Lundquist, who's been at 16 for most of you guys lifetimes, still doesn't have a freakin' clue and Bill Macatee is more clueless. They have the ability to suck the joy out a puppy....
  3. Dulcimer since 1970. Just started playing out at gigs this year after almost 50 years; hooked up with a tablas player to explore an eastern "sitar" sound.
  4. Thought I'd ask the jersey guys first - going to do a side-trip from Mexico City to fish, the last week of May. Thought about a few days in Puerto Vallarta, although Verarcruz is close too. Any experience(s) with charters among youse?
  5. lucky to have been at this show, which was their first time on stage in the US. First act was Porter's Popular Preachers, with Zeppelin doing warm-up for Iron Butterfly. The venue was nearly empty so we moved up to the front was amazing; they hadn't even released their first album (I think?). I was literally looking straight up at Jimmy Page.
  6. Asbury Park NJ's coming to the NW coast for about 3 weeks in Ocober - any tips on charters for salmon/rockfish?
  7. buddy borrowed it and lost the drag knob - anybody got one for sale?
  8. if ya throw an SP for blues, ya don't deserve to reach 'em, or ya got disposable income
  9. from a reliable witness a party boat was on them last night three casts out
  10. housemates on the beach were my scouts today - got a call and walked up to snapper blues beating up spearing...hung around a while and got a few. mostly cast to avoid hooking terns, which would have been nasty considering the beach crowds (OMG he hooked a bird!!!!!!!). So, decided to call it and walked up to the boardwalk, turned around for a last look and saw a some real action - spearing about 300 yds out in a ball about 100' x 30', tight up to the surface....waited for it, and a minute later was rewarded with much larger blues slashing/crashing the surface, rooster-tails all over. Nice to see, glad to enjoy some near-shore action (out of range, but fun as hell to watch). So, there are big blues around........
  11. yup, about a pound and a half, grabbed 3 for the table
  12. rainfish and bay anchovies jammed to the beach by cocktail blues around high tide this morning, big pods also being beaten up further out......really fun while it lasted, reminiscent of local blitzes in the past.
  13. This^ I went through it all, and after many therapies/surgery only staying with stretches and sleeping with a pillow between my knees, the intensity of the pain finally dissipated with time. (I was recognizable on Monmouth County jetties for being the guy who crouched down between retrieves - beach replenishment solved that.....) oh, and hi Toad.
  14. So, this jersey guy is going to be at the south end (Highland Beach area) for about 4 days, June 21 - 24 for a wedding. should I bring some gear for stripers/fluke/bluefish? or just see the sights/chill....
  15. question: what would be the labor cost for replacing both rear calipers/rotors/pads on a midsize sedan?