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  1. I’ve tried both, is your pain at the knee? Most IT searches identify the knee as the pain focus, mine is the hip/outer thigh
  2. Thanks, had an x-ray and saw a hip doc who gave me a few exercises, later a script. Went to the therapy at the Seaview orthopedic locally and it felt like a factory - at the desk they tried to up-sell acupuncture (without knowing a thing about my condition). I will try another place, mostly need to know what NOT to do to aggravate it. I did search but there's a lot to digest.
  3. Knowing that a lot of folks here are going through some very difficult times with physical ailments, and cancer (f - cancer!), my issue is certainly less serious but not critical.....I wondered if anyone here has ilio-tibial band syndrome - its an inflammation of the tendon band from the hip down to the tibia and hurts like a mofo until the band snaps back off the femur where its hung up. What did you do? Physical therapy/cortisone injections? Meanwhile, all good thoughts to those that are suffering through serious ****, whether its you or a family member or friend.
  4. Condolences to you and your family
  5. Ha, I was having a good time composing that line
  6. Watched for about half an hour and had some observations: Great layouts don't deserve shotgun starts; maybe the venues suck? Shorts? Do these guys get a guaranteed mil each for wardrobe? Freakin' music? Seeing Lee Westwood doing this sucks, don't give a short for the rest of the sell-outs David Feherty sounds like he's on thorazine. Haven't seen DeChambeau for a while, hope the petulent whiner's spine explodes on a drive, blasting shards of bone through Dustin, Phil, and Sergio.
  7. Yup, but by then I didn’t care, no one in the joint cared - we were still reeling from what had just happened.
  8. It was nuts. It was the late show, Fillmore was empty for the headliner Iron Butterfly. Zep came on stage as the warm-up act and we moved down to the first row. I stood up, hands on the stage floor under Jimmy Page - he was literally right above me. I recall going back to school on Monday blathering about them. Sure enough the next year we saw them again at the Garden, totally sold out show. Oh, Iron Butterfly was demoralized by having to follow them, did only 3 songs and were done.
  9. Oh yeah! i remember their instruments were set up before they entered the stage, already cranked up volume-wise, so there was a buzz in the darkness from the amps and monitors. They slowly walked to their positions, and it all began. The show ended the same one in the theater clapped or made a move to leave for a few minutes; we were in a trance from it all. The only other concert experience to match it was being lucky enough to be at the Fillmore for the debut of Led Zeppelin, before their first album was released..
  10. Saw them in '71 at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, tour for the Meddle album.... Just Rutgers and Princeton students, all of us on some kind of psychedelic, insane light show, speakers everywhere. When they did Echoes I thought I was gonna lose it.
  11. congrats on the fish bud, looks like everyone was fishless except fishless
  12. Were you wearing a black rain jacket (or dark color, couldn't tell)? Cliff of eroded dune behind you? Did'ya pull the fish in to your left?
  13. Jim Murdoch has been camped out there since yesterday.
  14. at least one guy caught yesterday..... Had news12 on late morning, reporter at an OC beach with the town engineer talking about beach erosion and the pending storm. Noticed one guy in the distance who seemed to be casting into the suds, camera zooms in and his rod is bent, seconds later he turns away from the camera and hauls in a bass. Whoever you are, nice!!!!!!