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  1. What are you not happy with?
  2. Is it not? Lol
  3. No need to take to a new thread. I wish the DNA came in a 9'6. My first surf rod was a 10' and I like the idea of smaller. I fish mostly open beaches too on SS of long island so I could prob get away with a 9 footer. And yes, the DNA felt lighter than my AWE. I also love the spiral wrap on the odm. Started selling some older gear tonight to buy a DNA for the spring, lol.
  4. Looking to upgrade from my 9'6 airwave elite. Looking at an odm dna. I'll be putting a vr150 on it. The reel would be overkill on a 9 foot rod so I'd probably go 10 ft, no?
  5. Looking to buy a new set up for fluke and bottom fish. Any feedback on J&H's Dark Matter Psychedelic rods? Seem well built but am I spending $200 on a rod because its a different color than most rods? They are pretty cool looking, I'll give them that, haha. I'm also looking at the Skinner jig and bounce rod as well. I'll probably match it up with a Daiwa Lexa or other small baitcaster. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. I have the slammer 3 4500 and beat the snot out of it. Dunks, splashes, and its still going pretty strong after a full year. It is starting to show signs of wear...makes screeching sound when reeling. More annoying than anything. The drag still works good as new though. Im actually going back and forth right now between the Slammer 4dx and VR. I've spent a lot of money on Penn reels though the past 2 years and think I might go with the VR this time around. I read a review from John Skinner somewhere and he said the only knock on the slammer 4dx is that it isn't fully sealed, great reel otherwise.
  7. I want to go as light as possible. I have a Slammer 4500 on it now and it gets the job done. Handled fish up to 25-30 lbs no problem last season. Dont think I would go any bigger/heavier on the AWE. I mainly fish open beaches and inlets so no real need for a heavier set up.
  8. Looking into putting a VR on a 9'6 tsunami airwave elite. Would you go with the 75 or 125?