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  1. Ok I will close this down Srry Dave
  2. Yea thanx for response I’d be interested what you types of stuff you looking for in trade
  3. Any norcalkats for sale ?
  4. Looking to buy norcalkat scaredy Katz also interested in his smaller metal Lips
  5. Would you add the other goo goo man for 130$ total for all three
  6. I’ll take the two goo goo man on right side
  7. What size
  8. Closing this down for now
  9. Closing no interest
  10. Any one 1:1 if your interested
  11. Too to bottom 2.2 oz new ,2.75 and 2.4 bottom two have been fished but rinsed afterwards and are in good shape
  12. Would you have any interest in after hours needles
  13. Final price drop 90$ shipped to your door