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  1. I would second ODM either their D.N.A. or Genesis (under and right around $400) and then Lamiglas GSB 1322M if you want to stretch a bit above ($450). Many here will advise to go one piece but I am also in a NYC apartment and 1-piece not feasible. I’m not hardcore enough to notice a difference and like the convenience of storing and transporting a 2-piece.
  2. This thread has far surpassed my expectations - thanks everyone for the extremely helpful insight. I have weighed the responses and am officially a point down guy. Time to swap out some trebles for in-lines. Best, BC
  3. Wondering if anyone has thoughts about rear single hooks on pugs and whether the hook point should face up or down? Seems intuitive that it would face upwards, but many plugs (I can think of Super Strike for instance) come with the rear single facing point down. Also noticed some brands of epoxy jigs do the same thing and doesn’t seem to make a difference for Albie hook-ups but curious if there is consensus here for Striper plugs. Have been reading a bunch here over the last year and finally joining the party - first post! Thanks everyone for contributing to such a fantastic resource for those looking to learn about the sport.