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  1. OMTD big swimbait hooks are better, better cost too. You could also just buy 9/0 91715 jig hooks from websites like barlows and use a screw lock.
  2. +1 not a fan of line clip
  3. Local shop near me has a bunch of them in stock last time i checked
  4. What part of Florida
  5. @squidder 329 I have a few pairs of the columbia pfg drift guides, they do the job and I'd definitely recommend them. They're on sale right now on columbias website around half off.
  6. eyes catch way more... fishermen that is
  7. Damn..
  8. bg is tried and true, spheros not bad either. would get those over spinfisher
  9. they're everywhere cruising flats and shallow beaches, I'm not sure about targeting on fly but they love shrimp
  10. Saragosa swa spool is only interchangeable on saragosa swa Saragosa sw and spheros sw are interchangeable I'm not 100% sure but I think the spheros swa is interchangeable with saragosa sw and spheros sw Sizes that are interchangeable are 5k/6k the 8k/10k/14k and the 18k/20k/25k
  11. can't wait for cowboys dreams to be crushed by Thomas in the wildcard round
  12. Since no one is really chiming in, from personal experience the curado, tranx, and komodo reels have been great reels purely salt water fishing. I don't know much about daiwa baitcasters except for seeing issues with lexas and tatulas so I probably would shy away from that.
  13. they look nice, impressive line capacity and drag ratings for the reel weights
  14. @27conch stay on point... get it? seems like the main point is the nlbn baits work and catch fish, just a matter of personal preference on if the cost is worth it given alternatives.