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  1. I’m interested.Can you send me a p.m.
  2. I’m glad you found something.I couldn’t find anything on the Internet.I Googled the name and even tried switching search engines.
  3. No there are no markings.
  4. I was a using a leather glove for the time being since its been so cold.But BeachBob posted a pic up above of a nice little mod that works good also.Plus I was digging through some old OC reels passed down from my grandfather that have a leather hand brake built onto the reels support bar that i kinda forgot about that were buried in a old box of things.Cutting fingers off old rubber coated gloves works great to and don’t cost you anything and your reusing something that would normally go in trash.
  5. I did add the clamp to the reel on a thinner rod It definitely helped on that one.On some of the older reels the clamps are just uncomfortable with the wingnuts, especially with a thicker rod. Gonna have to do some mods. thanks Sb
  6. I joined SOL for this reason also. Seems like every time I look something up rods, reels, tackle.SOL always showed up on my browser.So I joined.I just wish I would have done this many years ago when I actually noticed it. I’m on here round the clock. There are just so many forums to learn from and converse on from fishing to politics you name it’s here.Everything from friendly ribbing to all out nasty ball busting! And there you have it ! “ANOTHER DAY OF SOL IN OUR LIVES” LOL
  7. Howdy, first time visiting this forum. I recently joined stripers online community and discovered this forum. I was just thinking about the good all days fishing with my father and my uncle. They all have been long gone but not forgotten as the are the ones that got me into the recreation that I love so much. I remember them speaking about my grandfather ,but I was very very young.I can still remember all their stories.So I decided to dig through an old box that I have with some of their reels. I was able to identify some of them LASHLESS 1700A, A few PENN’s, some OCEAN CITY reels and the one I’m posting pics of that I can’t find anything about. Any information would be helpful. Looks like it says ROXY CO on the clicker side and SAILOR On the handle side. Thanks.
  8. Yes I get that.I was curious how you can tell what bearing type is in the reel like 5 or 7.I guess I should have taken a magnet to them to see.
  9. It is a “Chrome Rocket” with the heavier brass side plates.I just wasn’t expecting to see that plastic.I haven’t taken apart a lot of ABU’s.I kinda just expected more of the rocket.Is there anyway to identify the bearings.
  10. I called ABU and they said my CT6500 is from the early 2000’s.The woman that works there is very nice and was able to give me a bit of info.I was hoping to get the original handle for it but it is quite pricy at $35 plus shipping.Think I’m just going to get a colored handle off the web somewhere.You can find some nice handles for around $20 and free shipping.Not sure yet,but the handle it came with looks cheap.Sure do like the look of the original one
  11. Finally got a chance to take the rocket apart. Here are the pics.
  12. I’m guessing that’s what it is. I’ve been using spinning and revolving gear for a while but never used revolvers in the surf. I Take take pretty good care of my gear so usually there’s not too much service involved. Always wash them off with a fine mist then dry them off and hit them with a little oil.I just recently got in the servicing my own gear so I’ve been watching a bunch of vids on how to do it. I’m just trying to figure what the internals should look like on my rocket, the gears bearings etc.
  13. As soon as I can get a chance I will take the reel apart again and post pics of all the internals. I did a little more research and the plastic piece I was referring to isn’t the cog because mine doesn’t have a level wind.It is a small plastic gear that goes into the spool on the clicker side.
  14. Mine also says that however mine isn’t a sport model.After servicing my reel that I purchased used.I noticed on all these other generic reels. They all seem to have identical parts inside and I thought there would be some things I could look for internally. I just serviced my red Abu 6000’s and noticed they have the same plastic cog gear opposite the handle side.I also thought all the internals were brass on the rockets and had better bearings inside.It also does not have the original handle on it.
  15. I might be interested at 80 if the rod is very good condition if you happen to be coming down near the shore.