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  1. Yes indeedy! Sooo, did you scoop that butter out and eat it?
  2. The guys that really love to eat crabs! They live off of softshell crab sandwiches! Mmmm mmmm good lol!
  3. Well, here’s my take on it! It’s also about customer service to me! What’s the warranty like on the salt x’s? Because all their other reels that I have a one year warranty, they will not provide you with parts after the warranty! So, even if you wanted to repair it yourself, you can’t, you have to get a donor or or chuck it! You just can’t beat Penn’s customer service! Not a lot of fishing forums, actually have the reel companies as members of their forums! And that speaks huge for Penn in my eyes!
  4. And hopefully, washed out better than that first crab pic lol!
  5. Child’s play lol! Rip the top shell off why they’re alive, and squirt them right out with the garden hose! Then load them with old bay and lots of crushed red pepper and steamed in a fine premium cheap beer lol! And it makes picking them, cake work lol! Now, the old man(RIP)would rip that shell off, rip them lungs out and suck that crab dry! He used to say that was the butter of the crab! I remember one time my uncle looked at him and said, how the hell do you do that lol? He looked over and called him a candy ass lol!
  6. I can’t believe it. I just checked one place! $74 a dozen for jumbos LMAO!!! $49 for number one and $29 for number two I’m ready to run me a little live crab market stand, right where I crab lol! “THE CRAB GRAB” will be open shortly fellas!
  7. Jumpin Jeeezus, on a pogo stick lol! Have live crab prices really gone that high? where the heck are these prices at?
  8. I can tell you this if you with ceramics, they will be noisier! They’re actually making 100% ceramics for line rollers now, saw a thread on another site! Said they worked awesome in a gosa, but were noisier than hell! Not sure how they would work with some lube in them, because most true ceramics are meant to be run dry! I’m also curious to see what others say as well!
  9. Yeah, man! The crabs were out of the mud early this year without a doubt! I was doing better catching giant blue claws yesterday, than I was at getting keeper Flounder! I had eight nice size keeper blue claws, and even got a sheddar to boot lol!
  10. Let me first say, this was a very unfortunate event, irregardless of who was killed! It’s hard to tell, what’s real on the Internet these days and what’s not! I believe this is video is authentic, and just goes to show, ya just never know, what the hell will happen to somebody these days! I being a fisherman, who was literally obsessed with catching the big one, know all too well! I’ve seen some giant sharks, in places they don’t belong or wouldn’t expect to see them! and I’ve had some super crazy shat happen to me, to the point, where I refused to swim in the ocean anymore! Some people don’t realize what’s lurking in the water next to them, until it’s too late! And absolutely screw going swimming in a foreign country with tropical waters, known for having sharks!
  11. Never mind I found it! There was definitely blood in the water though , if you look closely! What was pretty violent was watching his legs come flying out of the water! definitely scary, watching that giant tiger shark attack him, and then came back at the end and that was the end of that plus the video cut off! My big ass almost fell over the side of the boat today, trying to unhook a giant ass dogfish! I’ll probably shat myself next time I fall over lol!
  12. All right Ditch, spill your guts! Where can I find it? I can’t find it anywhere?
  13. Get yourself a little 12 V pump from one of the cheapie hardware stores! You can clip it right on the battery, if it’s set up like your average boat with the battery in the back, if not, you might have to MacGyver a little something lol! Then find yourself a round heavy duty tub and drill holes above where you want your waterline in the tub and let the water drain out the back of the boat drains! this works really well, unfortunately, my brother-in-law, will not take the boat out front anymore after breaking down, one time in some nasty weather! this also works really well, if you ever have a problem with no water at your dock to flush your motor! We filled a couple 5 gallon buckets full of water with lids and brought them in the back of the truck, worked like a charm!
  14. Sorry about that! I was trying to help you out and had an emergency! But looks like the others had it covered! Glad to see you got it straightened out! I had a feeling it was the damn dog lol! Gotten quite a few of them cheap that way! I see you have the pewter colored side plates! It’s funny, I love the pewter look on other things, just not on the Abu’s for some reason? I love them in red and blue, and custom colors! Well, keep on posting and participating and get your privileges and before you know it, you’ll be tripping over the damn things lol! Take care! EA
  15. Yup! Gotta hold your hand over the piss hole if there’s not enough pressure at the dock too, sometimes! Other times, simply sticking the mono up there, clears it right out! if you have a brand new bucket, lean over the outboard and catch the water as you flush it with the mono, just to see what comes out of there! One year, had one of those stupid little mud Dobbers or whatever you call them things make a little nest in there lol! Soon as we started to run out, the alarm goes off, so he cuts the motor off! No water coming out the exhaust pump piss hole, so my big ass leans over the back and starts poking the mono in there, and that was the end of that lol!
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