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  1. If you’re targeting smaller blue fish why would you not go with a very light wire leader! You never mentioned how you are going to be targeting them! Are you going to be doing the ole’ tried-and-true method with a bobber and some sort of spearing? That’s about the most effective way that I know if you were strictly targeting snapper blues! When I go after them with little chrome, I use a very light wire leader and swap out the clip with a TA clip! Usually, I’m using a 6 to 7 foot rod, light to medium action with a 2000 to 3000 size reel With light mono or braid! EA
  2. To be honest I was a little apprehensive about posting that picture! I’ve never seen another jig like this anywhere! If you make a fortune, make sure you remember to spread the wealth lol! The really nice thing about these jigs, you could actually twitch this jig and make it swim side to side in light current or just have it dart along the bottom! Now “let me exit stage left” and try to get back to the original topic at hand! EA
  3. Well that was a workout lol…!!! It’s just amazing what happens when you don’t keep an eye on things! I did find the Jig FINALLY…!!! I honestly was beginning to think it was gone for good! I’ve never saw another type of bucktail that looked or had the action of this jig! You really want to see a little jig that will dart and zig- zag on the bottom for flattish! I used to fish these naked in tandem and absolutely crush fish after fish of all species! THESE are the jigs that I was talking about that had the gold Aberdeen hooks and was the only flaw with these jigs! Unfortunately, I really didn’t realize what I had and foolishly squandered about 30 of these, when I was much younger! Well, when I got down to the last one years later I could not find out where to get anymore, so I put it away in hopes that I’d be able to duplicate it someday! Now that time has come because of this thread popping up posted by Yogi boy! He’s always posting something good! It’s really got me wanting to find them old red and white “BEANS” now! But, I’m running out of places to look! Only one more spot to look and I’m not even trying to entertain that at the moment lol! Here ya go! Edit: This particular jig weighs .43 ounces and is about 3 1/2 inches long! EA
  4. Yeah that was just one box that was somewhat accessible lol! These jigs are not the jigs that I am referring to, they just happened to be in the box that I was searching through! Just figured I would throw a pick up there! But, I do have a question? I have some other BT’s that I used to catch crazy amounts of fish with! These jigs were all around the 1/4 to 1/2 oz range, they were only tied and black and yellow and the head of the BT actually has a wedge for a head! The point is in the front of the head and then gets wider as it goes towards the back of the head! It almost looks like a perfect slice of pie! I know I only have one of these around somewhere, as I would love to be able to duplicate these particular jigs, like everybody else wants to do with the Bill Uppermans! EA
  5. Well, I tried to get in to where I thought some decent stuff would be and unfortunately, once again no good dirty rodents chewed through the roof of the shed! I had to chip the bottom of the tackle box up because there was an inch or more of solid iron because of the water leaking in! I’m not gonna get the whole rodent thing started again, but this is just ridiculous! I was able to salvage a few things that were on top, but the packaging was literally disintegrated! Some of the bucktails we’re stapled to some type of disintegrated cardboard! Don’t know if these are UJ’s, but I’ll post a picture! Oh, by the way I spent 20 minutes scrubbing out that old tackle box lol! Aint got the heart to throw it away! EA
  6. I really didn’t get to read through this thoroughly! When was the approx. time he stop making them? EA
  7. Just had a couple minutes and went back and FISHED lol through a couple pages and the pictures are absolutely the one and same bucktail that we used to use all the time! Now here’s a question? Did he ever happen to make them with gold Aberdeen hooks? I can remember someone giving my uncle those(or I guess possibly something similar)BT’s and telling him that he could only get gold aberdeen hooks at the time when I was a kid! His favorite go to, was to tie a double spec rig out of flouro with those bucktails and some crab, because he loved to catch tide runners! EA
  8. You know this thread got me to thinking, after I looked at an article and then did some more research! Pretty sure I have few of these around, but the hair fell off of them! My uncle used to love to let these lay on the bottom and fall over then just twitch them so they just jump around like a injured fish on the bottom! They used to be very productive on the edge of the mud flat where it was silty because he said the flounder would see the silt clouds popping up off the bottom and it used to drive them crazy! And I did not go and look through all the pictures on here and on the Internet, but I distinctly remember him using red and white and the head was half red and half white! Whether they were Upperman bucktails, I cannot attest too! But, I’m getting ready to do some digging for a bunch of stuff because I really want to see if and what, I still have stashed away! EA
  9. Yep there’s JW in the flesh! Big wolf wolfs lol! EA
  10. The wolf fish fish I’m talking about, they’re catching them suckers on freshwater gear in the jungle! Think I saw my first one on TV with Larry Dolberg! The exotic species get quite big as well! Isn’t there a picture somebody just posted on here that had a nice ocean wolfish? Or did I see that somewhere else? The one I just saw had very vibrant colors but, had one hell of a smile lol! EA
  11. DARN! I wish you were closer! A lotta good ole’ vintage JDM Daiwa Sealines in there as well! GLWS! EA
  12. I met Nick at one of the local piers down here blackfishing a few years ago! Very nice guy! We fished together for a while, kept trying to figure out where I knew him from! Finally I asked him and he let the cat out of the bag lol! EA
  13. I don’t know how bad your rod is broken? But, I just broke one of my old Penn Pro Travel rods! It had way too much sentimental value to turn it in for a new one. So, I just cut out where it broke which was not very much at all, and then I put a fiberglass sleeve made from another rod Inside the two pieces! And with a coat of epoxy, then thread wrapping the repair and two more coats of the epoxy, you can’t even tell that it was ever broken to begin with! EA
  14. Ahhhh! You like the red ones too lol! Understood, just thought I would throw it out there! Can never have too many Abu reels lol! Good luck Quan! Take care! EA
  15. Hey! I thought you were an Abu guy lol! Any interest in a couple Abus? EA