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  1. Hey everyone I just acquired a 1201m in matte black just want to know if there's any difference in performance compared to the gloss blank. I did notice the blank feels slightly lighter and a little stiffer than the gloss blank. If anyone has any experience with theses blanks please chime in. Thanks.
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions after looking at a lot of reviews and all the suggested vices on this thread I decided to go with a Griffin mongoose just seems to be the best bang for your buck and pretty much has all I need in a vice. Thanks again everyone
  3. Thank you ill check them out
  4. Haha simple and very effective
  5. I'm gonna start tying salt water flies this year but before that I do a lot of buck tails with 8/0, 7/0 and 6/0. If only you could rotate a bench vise lol.
  6. Thanks I'll check one it I was looking at a peak model but said it only held up 6/0 hooks. Thank yiu for specifying the models.
  7. Thank you, gonna check it out now.
  8. Hello, Does anyone have any recommendations for a vise that can hold up to an 8/0 hook?
  9. Ok ill do all 6
  10. How much for each one? Or how much for the 6 of them?
  11. For now I'm trying to get more of the small spoon shaped metal lips. Thanks though if it's still available in the future I will gladly like to purchase it.
  12. I'll take all 3
  13. Sounds good thanks
  14. Want to buy some big rock plugs if anyone is selling, thanks.
  15. Ok no problem