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    Hi, I'm Grayson. I'm an interior designer. I like to fishing with my best friend and I also share my knowledge with friends. As they are helpful for me. And I find different ideas about fishing everywhere.
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  1. I'm an experienced saltwater angler but brand new to freshwater. I want to give freshwater a try because there is a lake close to my school so I could go there after school a few times a week. So far the freshwater gear I have bought is an abu garcia vengeance rod and black max baitcast reel. I also got a few sinkers, roboworms, senko worms, owner hooks for Texas rig and Carolina rig. And gamamatsu hooks to wacky rig the worms. Also got an all chrome super spook and a daiwa db minnow jerk bait. This was all sold to me(except rod and reel) from my local tackle shop. My question is basically how to fish these and in what situation should I fish the following setups: wacky rig, Texas rig, Carolina rig and dropshot. When should i use one over the other? And what techniques should I use to fish these setups? I am hoping by the time I go this weekend and possibly even tomorrow I have enough info to at least have an idea of what i am doing and not just wing it. I will be fishing Greenwood Lake if anyone can give me any tips about the lake. Thanks.
  2. Currently, I'm using my zebco cardinal 3 and it's a really great reel but I might be looking into getting another reel. Anyone have any recommendations. Price doesn't really matter.