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  1. Any advice? Specifically looking for a two piece rod
  2. I'll first get a kayak rod. updated info: Looking for: - 2 piece/travel, spinning rod - approx. 7ft, for kayak fishing - lure weight 3/4-3oz (or similar) - artificial lures - Rod should be good quality, budget 100-300 USD.
  3. Plan to fish for stripers in the bays, mostly artificials, and from the kayak.
  4. Striped bass Minute 6, fyi
  5. Hi guys, been searching for quite some time but have not been able to find the right rod. Looking for: - 2 piece/travel, spinning rod - approx. 7ft - lure weight 3/4-3oz (or similar) Rod should be good quality, budget 100-300 USD. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. Awesome! Read about the Jamaica bay and want to go there too. I will reach out when we get closer the season!
  7. One beer per day
  8. Hi Abu Caster, what a coincidence! I'm from Salzburg. I would love to go snakehead fishing, have never been. My wife's parents actually live in Frederick MD, that would reduce the travel quite a bit. What would be a good time to go for snakehead?
  9. Hi guys! Looking for a fishing buddy (kayak) to fish for stripers around the Delaware Bay, Chesapeake bay, New York, nearby rivers and places worth traveling to. About myself - my name is Hannes (34, married), I am originally from Austria and am now living in York, PA. I moved to the US 2 years ago for work. I love fishing in the US because of the wide variety of species and great accessibility of waters. Up to now I’ve mostly been fishing for trout, bass, salmon and steelhead. I’ve been gearing up to jump into striper fishing this season. My equipment is medium to higher quality. I’m interested in both kayak and shore/river fishing but would not mind joining you on a boat either :D. My kayak is a well-equipped Wilderness System Tarpon. Mostly into spin fishing but open to bait fishing as well. Not sure where to get started with finding good spots for the certain times of year. During my time in the US I’ve been mostly fishing by myself and thought that starting with Stripers would be a good start in looking for a buddy. Let me know if you’d be interested and we can make plans. Tight lines everyone! Hannes