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  1. Examples?
  2. Agreed
  3. Lightening is a risk to you and not to others.
  4. I hope you are right but wearing a mask and distancing for a bit longer to make sure we are good sounds not too bad given the alternative
  5. 7 hours ago, jmei said: it’s very much premature to suggest on a public forum that you should be able to take off your mask after you’ve been vaccinated.
  6. Talking full time. Part time seems to be the new normal. No knowledge of TN. Urban and suburban in the northeast and New England risk a teacher shortage. No idea what a workable solution.
  7. It won’t last if there is another spike. Pull off those masks before the research shows it is ok and cases rise, enough teachers won’t go in that they have to close schools again.
  8. This. Everyone do their part and we will get out of this sooner. Wear a mask, even if vaccinated or stay out of public. Stores will require masks for a long time still. No mask, no service. The more we sacrifice now the sooner we get out of this and the sooner kids can go back to school full time.
  9. Shaggy or not, wouldn’t want to bring Covid home for a haircut.
  10. Barber wears his mask near me and insists on all clients wearing masks. I’m shocked a barber wouldn’t wear their mask in MA.
  11. Tons of evidence for the vaccine working.
  12. I imagine they are fairly confident people will pay because they know the value people place on a trip. If they increase the price and sales drop beyond what they predicted, they will lower the price.
  13. With very little warning and several sites opened appointments up for 65+ tomorrow early afternoon. If you weren’t able to make an appointment right then, I hear they were all booked
  14. Extremely unlikely. No company would agree to it with so much uncertainty and so many other buyers. These are unique governments contracts but ones I am familiar with do not have penalties other than being disbarred from doing business with xyz agency for so many years.