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  1. I have had good luck buying from feather emporium despite the bad reviews about their service. Both my orders came in no problem and the feathers were pretty nice. It seems like the full saddles are better than half.
  2. I’m not sure if this is aimed at me but I can assure you I am not affiliated with feather emporium. The whole reason I made this thread was to ask if anyone had personal experience with them since I’ve heard so many bad things about their customer service. I only ordered because a guy working at saltwater edge recommended them and showed me some feathers he bought from there. I understand if you had a bad experience with them you might respond negatively to this thread but I don’t think there is need to be so bad mannered. Flatwing feathers are hard to find and this was one of the only places I found I could get them in a variety of colors. I will post pictures of what I got tomorrow. I ordered 1 full saddle and 4 1/2 saddles. I wouldn’t say they are r.l.s quality or what Steve Culton is pulling from the bins in Marlborough but they are decent with a bunch of longer feathers.
  3. Wanted to update this thread for anyone who might be searching for flatwing feathers. I got my feathers in and they shipped quick and the quality is pretty good. Going to put in another order with them.
  4. I ended up heading over to saltwater edge and they really didn't have anything in stock or on the horizon. I spoke with a younger guy working there who actually recommended I purchase through Feather Emporium and had some feathers he ordered from them that he showed me. The quality was pretty good so I decided to put an order in late on the 13th and just got a shipping notice today. We'll see how it goes but if I get the same quality stuff the guy at saltwater edge had I'll be happy with my purchase and probably put another one in for some other colors.
  5. I looked online at the bears den and saltwater edge and didn’t see anything for flatwing capes other than the hareline pastel stuff. I will give both of them a call on Monday but I’m not sure where people are finding all these amazing capes locally.
  6. Thanks again for all the responses I am being lured into placing an order at feather emporium because I have been unable to find any flatwing hackle in local fly shops other than the hareline stuff which is very limited in color options. I’ll probably try to stop by saltwater edge over the next couple days and see what they have but the color variety and availability of half saddles is making me think I’ll roll the dice and place an order if I can’t find what I need locally. @flatwing I searched some of the sites you listed but unfortunately none of them appeared to have what I was looking for. I did see some dark barred ginger capes I might buy for dry fly tying though the prices on Jim’s fly co were very good! The Herbert miner stuff looks quite nice but are a bit expensive as you had mentioned.
  7. Thanks for the replies Have either of you made any recent purchases there? I am more concerned with receiving my order versus the quality. You do tend to see a lot of negative responses about their customer service but I wonder how many people actually have bought from them versus are repeating what they had read. I will probably make an order but use paypal in case I run into trouble.
  8. Has anyone purchased flatwing saddles from feather emporium? I looked up reviews and the results were a little concerning. Some people have no problems while others wait months and never receive their feathers which makes me nervous to pull the trigger. Those who did receive their order seem to have nothing but good things to say about the quality of the hackle. If you have purchased from them would you feel comfortable buying there again?
  9. The only time I’ve had coiling issues with rio obs is when it gets down into the 40s. Otherwise it doesn’t coil but does tangle like crazy….all my outbounds are the intouch version. From casting the quick shooter in the backyard I noticed immediately it had a tendency to want to coil and the running line was stiffer than the obs lines I normally fish.
  10. Ended up getting an 8 wt coastal quick shooter xp for a good price and tried it out tonight. Not sure why but it feels far lighter than the outbound short even though they weigh the same. It does seem to be prone to coiling but I’m going to try it out and see how I like it. So far it cast pretty well in the backyard.
  11. Thanks for this information. I think I will try the coastal quickshooter first and see how I like it.
  12. Thanks for the replies. After looking at the coastal quick shooter xp again it looks like it’s the same weight as the obs line but 2 feet longer. The taper appears different but maybe it’s not as noticeable. One thing I dislike about the obs line is especially on my 10 wt is it tends to dump on long casts with small flies. Since the quick shooter and rio striper have reverse tapers compared to the obs line it seemed like it might eliminate some of that problem. I didn’t know they produced a clear obs line both of the intermediates I have are grey. I also fish the airflo ridge striper floater on my 8 wt and like it a lot but it doesn’t hold up very well for me in high wind situations otherwise I would probably give that a try on the 10 wt. I might try the quick shooter in 8 wt and the rio striper in 10 to see what they are all about.
  13. Thinking about buying a new intermediate line for my 8 and/or 10 wt rods. Currently on both my 8 and 10 wt I use outbound short full intermediate. I like the line but interested in trying something new that is a little lighter. There really isn't a lot of information on the internet about Quickshooter or Rio Striper that I could find but they both seem to have similar taper profiles and grain weights but the quickshooter's head is 5 feet longer. I was hoping someone who had fished them could provide their experience with either line and how they performed fishing in the surf.
  14. What I saw said they don’t have “true rotary” because the hook shank isn’t inline with the rotational axis due to the vise design. I have been very happy with my renzetti but haven’t tied on many vises only the traveler and the 10 dollar super aa I started out with. I’d love to try a regal but it’s kind of hard to justify a second vise purchase when I have one I already like and that works well.
  15. I tie on a regular renzetti traveler with no special head. Tie from size 24 to size 5/0...haven't run into any issues. I like the idea of a Regal but I always use the rotary function on my renzetti and I have read the Regals don't have true rotary function...kind of a deal breaker for me.