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  1. I’ll take the airflo floating line.
  2. Ended up seeing there was an 8 wt version as well thank you!
  3. Would this work for a. 8 wt? Weighs less than my 7/8 Behemoth...
  4. Thanks guys I appreciate the steaming idea! I’ll have to try that and see how it works out. I also appreciate the offer on schlappen, if you have any white you don’t need shoot me a price and I’d be glad to buy some. I don’t really tie deceivers in colors other than white, black and chartreuse. Line I’m sure you are right but most of fly tying is for the fisherman not the fish (at least for me!) and those crooked feathers drive me nuts! I don’t use much schlappen for trout tying and usually it’s for palmering so I never really noticed I guess. Another thing that drives me crazy is when you get a bag of marabou that is mostly those twisted or flat tipped feathers! I guess that’s part of the deal working with natural materials.
  5. I apologize I’m new and didn’t see there was a fly tying section! Mods please move this for me if you would.
  6. I have been doing my usual cabin fever routine and tying flies for next season and have started tying some bigger deceivers for striper and pike but have found most strung schlappen is crap. Feathers are crooked or the useable portion of the feather is very short even though they advertise 5-7 inch feathers. Do you guys have preferred sources of schlappen or is there another material you use as a substitute. After tying two or three larger size deceivers (3/0 ec 254) I run out of feathers that will work for something like that very frustrating.
  7. From my background in trout fishing I would say yes and no. When I first started out I’d always tie flies that were as close as possible to what they were eating until I began euronymphing a couple years ago and it opened my eyes a bit. Now I will often fish gaudy flies that are quite a bit larger than what they are eating and can have better days than what I used to get fishing realistic nymphs. I think presentation is the most important factor when dealing with trout. Some days though especially on pressured river systems all they want is what they are eating and if you don’t give it to them they won’t eat. That’s what keeps fly fishing fun in my never know!
  8. A little above your price but I love my renzetti traveler. Can definitely find one used in your price range.
  9. What are your opinions on the 8wt recon. I found an original model 9wt brand new but they want full asking for it. My 6 wt is an old model recon and I really like it but it doesn’t have the fastest action do the saltwater rods have a faster action than the freshwater models? I have been trying to find a ticrx but they go fast on the forums missed out on two so far. I’m wondering how the axiom 2x compares since it’s supposed to be the replacement for that rod.
  10. The info in this thread was very helpful. I just received a deer hide and tail from a relative and it’s sitting in my freezer right now. Planning on curing it this spring once things warm up.
  11. Hi again I see there has been some lively debate since I last checked in! I have been fly fishing for trout for a while as I said and now enjoy going for bluegills with my kids so I try to keep things simple. Some observations I made with my limited experience in salt water fishing... I was just looking to get out on the water as cheaply as possible because I already spend too much money on trout gear and fly tying stuff so I had to fly under the radar so I wouldn’t have to hear it from the wife! I ended up getting the fenwick on close out and picked up a rio mainstream clear intermediate line cheap. I normally fish SA or orvis lines and immediately hated the way it cast. I wasn’t sure if it was the line or rod as I didn’t have a lot of experience with this type of rod or fishing style but I knew I needed something different. After doing a bunch of reading here and on other forums I decided to give a shooting head a try because I realized some of the problems I was having might be helped by this type of line. As all of you know since you are far more experienced than I am the casting window in a lot of areas where stripers live makes bombing a long cast and carrying a lot of line in the air tough: steep beaches, reeds and trees as well as high winds. I figured that it made sense to try out a line I could just pick up and shoot! I do believe that the fenwick would suffice in casting the line but it isn’t as pleasant or easy as I believe it could be and that’s why I am asking about a new rod. Between work and the kids I don’t get out on the water as much as I’d like so I try to optimize the experience as much as possible since there is no point struggling if there is a better option available. I appreciate everyone’s input especially in regards to rod selection and casting lessons! As a teacher myself I agree that there is always something new to learn and I am by no means a casting expert although I can do enough to get by. I know my question seemed backwards to many of you since you choose a line for the rod typically but I did see a marked improvement in getting the fly where it needed to be with a shooting head and was just hoping to find a rod that matched the line style and perhaps had a little more backbone to punch into the wind when called for. Thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread! Your gracious sharing of knowledge and experience has definitely helped me decide on what to do going forward! Now if you could just give me some advice on how to convince your wife to buy a boat my fishing life would be complete!
  12. Thank you again. I think I’ll wait a bit and pick up a 9 wt rod for this year and use my 8 wt fenwick for largemouth bass fishing duty. My rio obs 8 wt line is new in box since the store I bought it from sent me the wrong line (floating running line vs full intermediate) and I didn’t get the right one till the end of the season. Maybe I can find someone to trade me for a 9 wt obs when I get around to picking up a rod. Going to try to find a sage Xi3 or maybe just go for a tfo axiom 2x if I can find somewhere to cast one.
  13. Hi mike I think the biggest adjustment really is the environmental conditions of fishing in the ocean (High winds/wave action/longer casts) and casting weighted/large flies in those conditions. In areas protected from the wind where wave action wasn’t much of an issue (tidal river) I felt pretty comfortable although I did get some “wind knots” trying to punch clousers out especially when I first started. I will try to find a casting instructor in the area and find out if they can help me progress.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I live in Rhode Island so Mark might be too far for me. I also do a lot of indicator nymphing, dry fly and streamer fishing so I am reasonable at casting but there is always more to learn. My double haul is decent and I can usually get the fly out there as long as the wind isn’t blowing too hard. If anyone knows of a good casting instructor in my area I’d be interested in taking a lesson plus my oldest daughter is getting to the age where she is ready to start fly fishing more seriously so getting her some lessons would probably help the process. This will be my second season fishing for striper. I learned a lot last season but am still very new to salt water fishing. I mostly stuck to fishing protected areas but did some surf fishing on the south coast and it was definitely pretty interesting trying to cast over waves crashing on you. My indicator/streamer rod is a 6 wt but going to an 8 wt was a big adjustment. I have read that going to a 9/10 wt is a pretty big jump from an 8 wt. Hoping to be more successful this season as I caught more Shad than stripers last year...
  15. Thank you everyone for your great input. I have a lot of thinking to do and perhaps a trip to make to a fly shop and try some rods out. One last question on rod selection. Do you prefer to have an 8 wt and 10 wt or split the difference with a 9 wt. I know this is opening up a whole new can of worms but I’m on the fence as to whether to get a new 8 wt with more backbone and then eventually get a 10 wt for high wind days or if a 9 wt would be the best of both worlds. I apologize for all the basic questions but fishing heavier weight rods is a brand new world to me. I spend most of my days fishing with a 2 wt euro rod!