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    Long Island guy born to fish but forced to work.
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    Fishing , long walks with fishing pole on the beach . Fishing with my son . Fishing with my daughter .
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    Pizza man

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  1. I’ll take it for 45 shipped if it’s still available
  2. I’ll take it for 160$ shipped if still available
  3. Yes sir . The gen 1 has 3 screws on only one side but not the other .
  4. Is this Gen 1 or Gen 2 Visser ?
  5. Interested . Where are you located ?
  6. Under the sea Little Mermaid
  7. I support catch and release
  8. Does Van Staal make this new VR In lefty options If Visser doesn’t exist ? Probably a smart move just Incase Time heals all wounds from Visser .
  9. Just saw Van Staal released a lefty VR series . Guess the rumors were correct
  10. Every time I say a Hail Mary , I catch a fish . Fredo taught me that one . Use cautiously .
  11. This is like my Tik Tok
  12. I found a toupee’ last year . I kept it just In case I go completely bald . The greatest thing I found on the beach was my sanity no matter if I catch anything or not .
  13. Goodbye God be with ye
  14. I’m 42 years old and I haven’t learned to swim yet and I probably never will . I panic when I know I can’t stand up in water . I should take lessons , you’re right .
  15. Can anyone recommend a PFD type for a non swimmer ? I sink like lead in water but just love kayaking . Used the rent the kayaks and used the crappy ones they give you . Thank You