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  1. Buck master, I hear what you are saying but must firmly disagree. having them just do their job should not require this. How I look, my skin color, what I plan to buy or what my handshake is like should have no bearing on the fulfillment of my rights and the laws currently on the books. do I need to slip them $100 bill like that 5 star restaurant too? The state set the laws and process and I am expected to know and follow them. Is expecting that they lawfully do the same too much to ask?
  2. Wow, never heard of that before. I would say that is waaay overstepping. I spoke to two lawyers that sounded like they could help. Evan Nappen and Jef Henninger. I cannot vouch for either since i ended up not needing their services but both seem to deal with kind of stuff on a daily bases.
  3. Even donut boxes hold 12
  4. Now that was very strange. Spoke with Evan. however, not sure if coincidence or what happened as Evan did not do anything, but got the call today that permits are in. Maybe they read SOL! In addition, just to share the advise I received, if you run into this issue it was advised to create a written paper trial. Meaning sent snail mail letters (in very professional voice, no angry letters) over a couple months. If they go unaddressed then a lawyer can be the next step. If any issue does arise, no matter how minor it may seem on the surface contact Evan immediately.
  5. Email off to Evan, thanks! Yes, it really is a shame. Its my understanding they have 30 days. I only started calling when hitting 4 months. I got my initial permit in Hamilton (many years ago) with no issue and no delays. Sad to see it go this way. to be honest it really was the canned responses we got that set the bad if we were doing something wrong for calling and bothering them for a status.
  6. Any other fellow NJ permit applicants noticing a major slow down in permit fulfillment this year? (assuming no disqualifies) Whether handgun or initial purchase permit does not seem to matter. For myself i am well over the 4 month mark, others I have spoken to are 6 or 7! I guess my question is when do you lawyer up to force the process through? If anyone has done that what was the fee and what was the result? Any retaliation from the police? The other oddity is when you call to find out what is going on you get the same scripted response. "Its on the detectives desk. There are others to be done ahead of you. this is not his only job you know! I cannot tell you how much longer". I have called several times over the last 2 months and had others call...we all got exactly the same response regardless of time period waiting or when we called.
  7. Anyone know where I might find a replacement cover for my Garmin VHF 200 unit? Seems they are now discontinued and Garmin no longer sells them or knows who may have them. Tried ebay, web searching, West Marine in Belmar as well as Mercer Marine to no avail.
  8. Try DeOxIT (search on amazon, small red bottle with brush applicator) to clean up the connections before applying the grease. Has worked for me in the past.
  9. Thanks atv! will grab left over 897xt then.
  10. Anyone know what the differences between the 897xt (old model) and 898 Pro (new model) are? I know the new one can accommodate a wider kayak, but i do not need that feature. Any other differences? Other then width i do not see anything else advertised. i am seeing the older model priced about $120 cheaper but rather not skimp if there are additional improvements in the new one.
  11. both options were perfect! btw, Ed who runs the marina over in shark river hills was very nice and most helpful.
  12. Just a quick update about the 6000mAh lithium battery I posted far its been awesome. have used it for 6 hours straight running the Lawrence sonar and gps with back light set at highest (10) setting and has not run out yet. Also, only took about 2.5 hours to charge back up fully. could not be happier with it. Talentcell Rechargeable 6000mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack
  13. thanks! will check them all out this weekend.
  14. Anyone know good launch sites in the Shark River?(no particular area, just want to get in and explore) hard to tell from google maps where you are allowed to launch with close by parking. I see plenty of little beach areas and parks, but not sure if they allow you to put a kayak in.
  15. i also have the Discovery 169 and agree its a tad heavy to car top but no issues with two capable people. Once on the water its perfectly stable fishing with 2 (and/or extra kid or dog). Mine (nearly 25 years old) has the plastic seats and it was not too uncomfortable sitting backwards solo paddling. However, if there is any cross wind.....good luck solo. The 158 is pretty much the same weight (87lbs) and similar dimensions. If cost is not a major factor i would certainly be looking elsewhere for a lighter boat that can truly be used solo or better yet....2 solo's.