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  1. Beautiful collections guys. @morningwood those needles were really cool looking.
  2. Wanted to see everyone’s Hahn collections. Absolutely favorite OG builder and makes me want to find some unicorns that are out there.
  3. Dry suit by far is the best option. Once the water goes 50 and below the suit is mandatory if your out in the yak.
  4. The Sand Pikies are the best out of all the plugs He’s made and unique in fabrication and design.
  5. Rm smith peanut wounded leopard seal
  6. Just one but a goodie
  7. Vs and vsx are the better versions
  8. Nothing special. I’d fish a keitech 4 to 6 inch paddle tail over these
  9. Rooster fishing, trophy tarpon, big snook
  10. Has anyone ever seen a darian surfcaster
  11. 10ft lami
  12. What’s is everyone’s go to cart with ballon tires
  13. Avet and daiwa conventional reels are two too look at
  14. Bob hahn