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  1. Brian Sutter, what an interview. Moar succinct than Bear Bryant
  2. Put these Flames out.
  3. Lingren scores.
  4. If iron was goals. Uh oh.
  5. HODL
  6. The Smithsonian ..
  7. Jeebus this is like watching a Czech interview from 1966
  8. Chytal with the GWG.
  9. That should be on a T-shirt.
  10. Ten interference calls in the first five minutes in 1979 . But back then it was "Thank God I got a piece of him as he tried to go by me..."
  11. Have I mentioned that I REALLY hated them ??
  12. I think those WERE the 10's ......
  13. Somebody dig up Edison and tell him he was right.
  14. 21 years ago I bought a 25HP Honda and not getting the 30HP is my only regret
  15. Nobody ever learns.