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  1. Widow makers.
  2. If that's wear Orion's belt is ware our his balls ?
  3. Riding or driving
  4. Our those your cleaning supplies?
  5. Both if you our the Gland Colossal Bowhunk.
  6. Tryin that "Youth in Asia" thing.
  7. Hey, I was just TRYING to be helpful. I think we all were. Now we all hope you're nose bleeds AGAM!
  8. Thirty years of crank tryin to finally get out .. ****in anti-vaxxer !!!
  9. I bet you guys cut your hands at least once a week..
  10. You prick I stared at that for a while thinkin "God that is the stupidest looking dachshund I ever saw"
  11. Hey, if you go to heaven can I have the 4Runner?
  12. Been lookin to take off a few pounds so...
  13. Tom plays the mush.