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  1. FI for content and build up.
  2. Not enough club !!!
  3. On the OUTSIDE .... About 44 years ago maybe .... Pro tip: get a bunch of sterile syringes and 2 or 3 nasal NARCAN injectors to ensure success
  4. Shoot me a PM just before you BST them
  5. Not much you are going to do about that. When we figure out viruses the next thing on the list is mal-formed proteins.
  6. Take a deep breath Zoey Prozac , if they published the same **** about aspirin you get the feels too. The covid virus itself has the spike protein. This is what causes it to be classified as a vascular disease rather than a respiratory disease. Other than that IDK what he's talking about.
  7. After a while I just put fins on the engines I bet you would have given a couple of large to be able to fart loudly .
  8. God I hope that toggle switch is for the ejector seat ! He's on the road to spiritual enlightenment . Try to keep up ....
  9. ^^ Leading with thoughts ....
  10. I'm with Cleatis, spray on, brush in after PW & prep.
  11. When he's right he's right.
  12. Slicker than seal snot on Vaseline.
  13. Somebody dint clear the tube.