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  1. People from Massachusetts our so fun loving ....
  2. Congratulations Sarge, to you and the family and remember that the world needs more middies
  3. I feel really releaved after watching that.
  4. I enjoyed my last games as much as the first. They always knew that they were not playing for me and that other than finishing a commitment they could play or not. Does go from orange slices and bagged carrots to them stashing a six pack in hockey bag real fast though
  5. STG I thought the same thing yesterday Oh Geez Nice, helpful. HE'S HERE ALL WEEK !!!!
  6. Drink some Goof-Off, that'll do it .
  7. Children of the corn lookin MF ain't he ?? Cheap scotch tastes like chemotherapy God put it there, God can take it away. That's my philosophy . Another lacrosse player on the way !!! Best seller on Army bases throught the world ..
  8. And final test. Can you see this?
  9. Sometimes I think his head should be used in soccer matches.
  10. That would be AWESOME but no, in a large estate that is essentially a zoo for plants.
  11. That is under the outside cover of an Asian juniper. From the outside it is dense evergreen. That is like a 40 foot diameter circle.
  12. Precisely.
  13. Yeah, it looks like a fu or a 'feature' of Google photos. When it used to be Picasa it supplied a direct link to a "cloud" photo. Now, unless you are a logged in Google user, no Bueno. In order to get a direct link you have to now open the photo settings and go through like 6 steps. It's how they get you!!! Do you have an iPhone perhaps? Are you a Google user (eg Gmail account)?
  14. As long as you're ewe doesn't complain who our we to judge?