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  1. If only the rest of gitland mimicked your divine sensitivity .
  2. For a nine year old your're hair is magnificent
  3. Poor Thom, nobody tries to mug him ...
  4. No, but while I have you're attention. Where's the Rooner's fling thread ? I want to pay with some go'vt cheese.
  5. Somebody in here is sweating bullets now .... -- For years in the Gilgo Beach, New York multiple victim investigation, she was "Jane Doe #6." On Thursday, New York's Suffolk County Police Department confirmed the remains of Valerie Mack, a 24-year-old Philadelphia mother who went missing two decades ago. Mack's partial remains were first discovered near Long Island's Gilgo Beach in 2000, with additional dismembered remains found in 2011 along Ocean Parkway, according to the Suffolk County police. The Gilgo Beach killings, an unsolved case that has dredged up the remains of 10 people, has led to the hunt for a possible serial killer in suburban New York who has never been found.
  6. Def need the gate after all that
  7. It's a normal contrail. The OP is suffering delusions for which he refuses help. There is nothing you or I can do about it.
  8. I'm saying I checked it out and don't find it valid. Perhaps a possible use of contrails could be to perform albedo modification in order to reflect solar energy back into space but the chem thing is hogwash.
  9. Goodbye Murder Hornet.
  10. I don't care what they did in China. To address the situation here what they are proposing seems rational. Is your stance that a rational separation of individuals that they describe is unfounded 'bad' science?
  11. So you are maintaining that the first 'trails' made by super turbo charging 2 speed reciprocating engines in WW 2 bombers was a conspiracy because they stayed in the sky for a long time?
  12. Pretty standard stuff. They'd have to Cosby you though
  13. I think the little ****er should get something. Not a Lamborghini,, but something...