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  1. I think that you'd be throwing hero casts even to reach where you were standing now.
  2. ...I'm guessing that I'd have to keep on my toes to not get "waked" into the bay.
  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing the pics! I would have loved to experience that myself.
  4. So the bottom in this area is in pretty constant motion. The dredging probably doesn't mess things up for the local life in too permanent a sense then?
  5. Is NY operating with a different back bay restriction? I love ice fishing and have never caught a striper through the ice. I guess if you chop a hole and jig or drop a minnow you're not targeting them. (Unless you're one of those electronically adapted folks who can use a machine to count the fish's teeth...).
  6. In the late 60's my sister got a summer job at the Fairlawn plant. She did something mindless like poking broken cookies off the conveyor belt. I remember her coming home and running to the shower to get the smell out of her hair and off her skin. It got to a point where the smell of Oreos was permanent and for years after every time she broke a sweat she'd smell them again. Needless to say, she never ate another Oreo.
  7. I wonder what it's going to look like for my kids in a few years. Sea level is rising faster than anyone believed possible just a few years back and the energy that our big storms are getting fed with just keeps increasing, too. Imagine a 30 or 50' permanent sea level surge as an ice shelf somewhere slides off the Arctic .
  8. Maybe this is one of those "be careful what you wish for" things.
  9. In NJ surf clams are explicitly not free to pick up off the beach without a license. I may have broken that law a time or two in my wild younger days.
  10. Good question! I don't know, but would guess that it's being laid down not too far down the beach on the NJ side of the bay.
  11. That moment was just a couple days of the start of the dredging. The green can and the shipping channel it marks will again seem miles away.
  12. The last time I walked out to the False Hook they'd started a dredging project that I was told was going to shorten the end by 200 yards or more - back to the last hummock of dune grass, more or less. Can anyone tell me if they've finished their work? My last casts from the end I had to be careful not to hit the green buoy. I'm guessing that the long term effect of the dredging won't be to bad. That current redistributes the bottom a little every tide, and a whole winter's tides will smooth things out fairly well.
  13. Condoms?
  14. G LOOMIS HSR 1021C IMX 8'6" MAG-MEDIUM EX-FAST ACTION 10-20LB CASTING ROD <<<<this looks like the one. I've never seen "Extra Fast" before. With the wide range of throw weights this can't be a noodle rod, can it? I found this on Ebay for not too terrible a price. It'll be a late Christmas present for a very good boy. Thanks for the recommendation. ...and it's on it's way!
  15. Sorry! First ever posting mistake. ...I thought that dead and gone websites weren't much to be concerned about. If I'm going to find a goof to make henceforth it will not be that one.