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  1. You mean Cinque Terre ?
  2. I live in Rome. You are welcome ☺️
  3. I have caught only one bluefish in my life many years ago because i don't go fishing for them, but take a look at this video made in january (not by me). It is in italian but you can activate the english subtitles and the translation is pretty accurate. Medium size 2-3 kg. Enjoy.
  4. Yes, when i take off the handle, the knob has some play moving it in and outward. Also the bail has some play too in the oposite side of the line roller, on the screw, when you move it laterally. I discovered that you can't remove the knob in all the BG_s except the last BG MQ and the Saltist blue but not the black one. I understood that the smaller than 4500 size do not have a bb in the spool but it is in the shaft where the spool sits. I bought my BG in an austrian online shop at 98 euro + 12 euro shipping cost because in Italy, Daiwa didn't introduce the size 4500. In general in Italy the cheapest you can find is for 100 euro the 5000, without shipping cost. But now with Covid situation even Daiwa Italy doesn't have it. I have noticed that in Amazon Europe in general things cost at least a 10 -15% more, shipping cost excluded. So i never buy reels and rods and fishing stuff in Amazon.
  5. jlm45 i need to ask you something. Today i received my BG 4500 and i discovered that there is a bit of play on the knob which makes it unpleasant when you turn the handle. Does yours too? I was thinking maybe it can be fixed by a shim. And another thing, on the video we were talking about i saw there is a ball bearing on the main shaft. Is it the bushings/retainer on the drive rod you were talking about? Is this bb present only in the smallest versions or what? In another video i heard that in the 5000 and bigger, the spool is supported by a bb. Does it mean that the biggest sizes have the bb inside the spool?
  6. I just bought the 4500 size. Actually i hope to receive it tomorrow. But i am not going to open it up right away. I don't mistreat my reels and they never see any drop of salt water. We'll see :-) Thanks for all the infos.
  7. I think that if it works fine then no need to replace the bushings. But i think you should put some lubrication there. Take a look to Tackle Advisors on youtube. There is a BG full maintenance tutorial.
  8. Have you ever thought to replace the bushings with ballbearings? Or it is not necessary?
  9. What about the line roller?
  10. Since we are talking about bearings, what kind of bearing should be used for the line roller? If they are RS what kind of lube should be used?
  11. If you still have the spools they fit the Ultegra 4500/5500 XSC and Bull's Eye 5050/5080. I have had all these reels.
  12. Guys could you show some fotos? I am very interested to see some of your catches and sizes...
  13. What do you do with a shark after you catch it? I hope you release it...
  14. I envy you :-D